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  1. how did you guys get the extruders not to drip? I know you're raising the unused one, but how do you stop the flow? In my case even retraction won't help much here. Thanks!
  2. that's some crazy sh**! i wonder if it wouldn't be easy to drill a simple blocker/valve into the nozzle to stop the flow and skip all the retraction silliness.
  3. tool changer? is it like a prime tower or something?
  4. I'm also considering one of these materials for support: -PCL, I suppose If I put the print in hot water the supports become moldable and separate https://www.3d4makers.com/products/pcl-filament?variant=10892826756 -This one I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, if it separates so easily, doesn't it mean it doesn't bond well to PLA in the first place? http://www.polymaker.com/shop/polysupport/
  5. Very interesting finding foehnsturm! I'm also trying to tune in my PVA settings, can I ask a few questions? That dark grey filament is your PVA? Interesting, mine is translucent (formfutura). Also, how did you manage to not have the PVA ooze? Mine is oozing like crazy, no matter how much retraction i use. In fact so much that i end up with the shadow version of my print, next to it, only made of PVA . And lastly, how soft is your pva filament on the roll? Mine is super soft, almost like a rubber, even though it was always kept dry. Even on my printer its fed from a sealed box full of silica.
  6. treated with dichloromethane treated with liquid quartz
  7. I thought I'd chime in with my findings. I tried 2 solvents, one is dichloromethane, another is so called "liquid quartz", marketet as acrylic glue and alternative to chloroform. Still haven't figured out the active ingredient. I didn't bother with the vapor yet, I hope to get away with the bath alone. These are not the best prints, straight out of printer with 0 cleanup, so it shows how far you can take it without any sanding. Also theyr'e quite small, 2cm pyramid and 4 cm alien head.
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