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  1. Thanks for the reply. I really don't want to start messing around with my U2+, I have it so dialed in now it's unreal....lol. I guess I'll just have to keep the 1.75 for my Mk3 PRUSAs ?
  2. Hi Can I put 1.75mm filament through the 0.4mm nozzle on my U2+ (I've been using 2.85mm for ages!)? If so, is the only thing I need to change the settings in Cura? Many thanks for your help :)
  3. Hi I'm having a problem getting the first layer/outline of some circles/holes I'm trying to print on a large piece. No matter what I do I cannot stop this from happening..... As you can see the PLA is sticking to the nozzle and making things worse, but it looks like the nozzle is just dragging across stuff as it prints. The material is Rigid Ink 2.85mm PLA, but this happens with Innofil also so, it's not the filament. Here's a video.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaHPFqQw3pY The build plate is spotless and always cleaned with 99% IPA before every print. All the rods are
  4. Hi I've had my U2+ now for about four weeks and it's been printing faultlessly over that time. However the last couple of days I can't seem to get the first few layers down without warping! I've tried 4 different brands of PLA, heat settings from 60º all the way up to 90º, tried glue stick, reset the heatbed each time and cleaned the glass several times, but nothing seems to work! It's really frustrating as it doesn't seem anything can fix the problem. It's basically lifting, not adhering to the build plate. The plate is definitely hot, the nozzle distance has been calibrated am at my
  5. Hi I have the same problem, although mine sounds more like a squeak than yours. I've had my 2+ for about 3 weeks now with quite a bit of use. I've tried to find help on lubrication, but can't seem to find any info on it. Can some one point me in the right direction? Many thanks Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts.....
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