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  1. At this point I don't think I'll be able to make that purchase, perhaps next year. So far I've been able to make great strides in print quality thanks to everyone's advice. The only real problems have been the infill being a little thin with voids and I'm working my way up to larger objects for print. The prints are still turning out and the are holding together well. Again thanks for all the advice, I think ill switch over to PLA for the student use. Phil
  2. Thanks for the advice everyone. I purchased the ABS as a teaching tool but I can see now that it will be much better to start my students out on the PLA. The printer had a base flow setting on ABS of 107% (I read that I shouldn't change that and instead should adjust the temperature) and when I made some temperature adjustments it worked better. I'm using the Ultimaker 2 with the Olsson block, and a custom door. (no other changes to the functional parts) I will try setting the infill speed to 0 and switch out to a .6 mm head. Again thanks for the help everyone. Phil
  3. Hello fellow makers. My name is Phil and I am a teacher in America. I recently convinced my school to purchase the Ultimaker 2 this year and have been preparing for my class next fall. The problem. I purchased filament from maker geeks and have been having trouble getting the abs to work at a satisfactory level. I've run multiple tests and even built a front door to prevent airflow, but the prints still wont come out. I'm running on the following settings: Nozzle 240c, Bed 100c, 0.4mm extruder, Flow 107%, fan 30%, and 20% infill. I have used glue stick, Hairspray, ABS slurry, and blue tape to help with bed adhesion. The temperature recommendation on the abs is 230c-240c So far my best results are solid parts with good outside layers but the infill is thin and contains gaps also the bottom warps off the build plate. Please help the more specific you are the better. If you have used this product and found the magic settings include everything. Thanks Phil
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