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  1. UbuntuBirdy, that is exactly why I bought the 2+ when I did. I was expecting some upgrades and options from Ultimaker. I got exactly zero. Certainly I can go fuss with the community based 2nd print head, which IMO Ultimaker should have done with the 2+ instead of making the 3, or at minimum made a complete kit to add on the 2nd print head. I certainly agree that you can only spend your time once. I have chosen to do so by going with Joe. At 1/2 the cost and all the bells, a similar print quality/speed, PLUS an upgrade path. It is clear the pat
  2. I'm confused as to why the 2+ is replaced by the 2+ Connect without an upgrade option for current owners. If this is true, then I'm out. I'll keep using my Ultimaker 2+ until it dies, but I'm not buying anymore Ultimaker products. I bought Ultimaker as upgradability was in the sprit of their products. Make it upgradable and let me keep this printer current or I can jump to a manufacturer who does.
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