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  1. All plugins have been reviewed and are available through the marketplace now. Enjoy and have a great weekend! - Thomas
  2. Thank you for the upload. Looks like the call of FreeCAD died at the background. I really need to make the plugin(s) more talkative at this point. The log doesn't tell me anything here 😞 Which FreeCAD version is installed btw?
  3. Bist du so nett und schickst mir die log Datei zu? Bestenfalls auch die verwendete Datei, wenn möglich? Würde gern das Problem reproduzieren 🙂 https://thopiekar.eu:46380/sharing/hUnBGGhu8 Das Passwort ist dein Username von hier. Danke! - Thomas
  4. Could someone of you be so kind and test the following package file? CuraFreeCADPlugin-v7.0.0-2020-01-01T20_30_11Z.curapackage For you to remember again how to install a plugin using such a curapackage file: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/plugins/installation/#ManualInstall Regards and happy new year! - Thomas
  5. 0.19 is still under development it seems. I don't have the time at the moment to investigate into any other versions other than stable. Maybe someone else can find the time to investigate into it.
  6. @leoheck Nope, the log already gives the problem. While using the macro on the given file, we get an error code != 0, which means that an error occurred. Sadly the code is that anti-smart not to tell us what the error message from FreeCAD is (probably there is a reason, but I can't remember after a long time). Normally, the process can take any amount of time.
  7. I'm going through the plugins now. Will do it step by step as I don't want to iterate across all plugins at once all the time, because of the feedback from Ultimaker. It just takes too much time from experience.w
  8. Got 0.18.3 installed here and the plugin works fine with 4.4.0. I made the little changes needed and sent it to Ultimaker for review. Let's see what they think about it.
  9. Denkbar ist Kabelbruch. Dadurch, dass das Kabel während des Drucks ständig bewegt wird, wird das Kabel ständig beansprucht. Man denke an einen Schuhlöffel aus Metall.. das Metall erweicht nach einiger Nutzung und bricht schließlich. Gleiches passiert intern mit dem Bündel an Kabeln. Ich würde mal beim Verkäufer nach Ersatzteilen fragen. Falls dieser wenig Interesse hat, kann man das Kabel auch mit Geschick selbst nachfertigen.
  10. Oh dear.. 😅 Yes, the plugins (all CAD ones) are incompatible now. I was recently very busy with something else (as Terri knows). So since the other thing was more important for the moment and the plugins are still non-profit software. I focused on the other thing. Anyway, as soon as I find the time (and I really promise to do!) I'll review the plugins whether they are affected by the API change and fix eventual bugs. Additionally, there are other things to do related to the plugins. So yes, the to-do list is growing every day. .. I'm never getting bored..
  11. Hello Leo, there are problems uploading a new release with corrections for FreeCAD >= 0.18.0. Hope I'll manage to resolve the issue together with Ultimaker soon.
  12. No, you need probably @ardrift 's patches, if you upgraded Blender. Otherwise having Blender assigned to .blend files should be enough. The new plugin version was rejected by Ultimaker. I'll try to find time soon to correct the plugin and reupload it for a review by Ultimaker.
  13. There are no changes actually. You already tested the same code before, when you downloaded the plugin package from my build system. The release of the plugin was just postponed for some time 😉
  14. By the way, do you know how we could benefit from multi-material printing using this plugin? Is there a way using macros to access single bodies? Is there even a way to design things like that in Blender or does a model always consist of one part? I'm planning to add multi-material support to my plugins soon. The SolidWorks plugin is able to do that via 3MF fileformat, but you can also export all bodies separately and merge them to a group of models (what the 3MF reader in Cura does by the way).
  15. A short follow up: Added the @ardrift 's patch to my code, announced a new version 0.3.2 and submitted the package to Ultimaker. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂
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