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  1. thopiekar

    Autodesk Inventor Plugin (0.1.5)

    Hmm, the plugin system shouldn't be the problem. There is something going wrong behind the scenes of the plugin. You already know how to attach a log to your message here, right? Make sure you remove it, reproduce the problem and attach it here then. Thanks!
  2. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Drag and drop the file into Cura. That should so it. Regards from Huston, Texas ?
  3. thopiekar

    3.6 Beta - Arrange Models broken

    Strange. And they have not been grouped before?
  4. thopiekar

    download latest version

    You mean it does not run after installation?
  5. thopiekar

    OpenCL for hardware-acceleration

    Hmm, ok. Then it is just like I read in articles and ebooks. ? At which time has it been discussed? .. or better ask on which version of OpenCL have these investigations been made? Personally, I really like the idea of using OpenCL. As far as I hear the coverage of OpenCL support shall (!) be not too bad anymore. Because what I personally dislike are solutions like CUDA, which only work (but very well, as I read) on Nvidia cards. Has any WIP code been ever released?
  6. thopiekar

    Printcore UM 3

    @Smithy Kann ich nichts hinzufügen! ??
  7. thopiekar

    Printcore UM 3

    Naja, also wenn nichts extrudiert wird, dann liegt es eher an dem Motor - also sofern das PVA nicht zerrieben ist. Falls doch würde ich vorschlagen den BB core einfach zu reinigen. Anleitungen gibt es genug. Beizüglich deiner Frage zum Kauf: Also wenn du dir keine Sorgen machen willst über die Justierung und dem Fakt, dass es dich unter umständen viel Zeit kosten kann, dann greif zum 3dsolex. Naturlich kannst du die Düsen ersetzen, aber die Frage ist wie immer wie oft und wieviel du davon hast(?). Habe jetzt selbst keinen UM3, aber an meinem Drucker kann ich die Düsen welchseln, aber gemacht hab ich das nur ein mal, da ich daran interessiert war, wie es geht. Nun liegen weitere Düsen rum und ich wechsel die nicht aus Überzeugung, dass es Zeitverschwendung ist. Daher mein Rat: Greif zu UM Hardware für problemloses Arbeiten, spare deine tägliche wertvolle Zeit ein und investiere die in die sinnvollen Dinge des Lebens ?
  8. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    No, the function was there, but practically wrong data formats have been exchanged. How does it work for you? When using the same settings as in SolidWorks, is the quality the same? There was no unit defined for the deviation in the documentation, that's why I'm asking.
  9. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Interesting.. Looks like there is a typo in the URL. It automatically redirects you then to a page, which seems to fit the best. Strange guess from the Wordpress plugin to take you to the OpenSCAD page ? Tested these links before posting them now: CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v4-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v5-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage Sorry and enjoy! ?
  10. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    When using Cura 3.4.x, then V4. V5 is for Cura 3.5 and upwards.
  11. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Here it is ? CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v4-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v5-2018-11-07T20_26_08Z.curapackage Added some functions between Cura and the former plugin code, so the datatype gets cached and properly passed to SolidWorks' application interface. Any feedback is as usual welcome!
  12. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Hey @XYZDesignPro, I posted the URL here before. But nevermind this download, because the I noticed a bug at some point that the saved values of both parameters are extracted from the cura settings in text form and not numbers. Therefore, if you don't modify the values before slicing the plugin will fail to convert your SolidWorks file. Will sit down on this and correct that soon.
  13. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    Hey @drayson, thank you for your PM! Noticed that the values are not even in millimeters, too. That fears me a bit, because it could mean that there is another unit, where it becomes even, but I can't imagine that the function to change these settings in the SWX API expects anything else than millimeters or inches. One of these units would be typical for most of the cases and millimeters itself just scientifically (international seen) correct. However, will apply your values to the dialog now. I also began to make changes on the other windows as well, so less code is needed. But ended up in a strange bug I don't understand. Did someone already try the 0.6.0 so far?
  14. Hello everybody, I'm wondering for a while whether accelerating Cura via OpenCL wouldn't be useful to slice large and complex models. Personally, I know to less about what is going on in the CuraEngine for example, but are there many tasks even, which could be calculated in parallel? What do you think and know?
  15. thopiekar

    3DS SolidWorks plugin (0.5.6)

    @XYZDesignPro, no, this is not what I mean. Do you remember your previous post? This is what I need, but with millimeters as the unit. See: So, to change that, I think you will need to change the unit from inches to mm in Inventor's application settings. Then I expect that the minimum and maximum values of this setting will appear in mm here, too. Otherwise, let's wait until someone helps out with that ? PS: Testing version: 0.6.0 https://thopiekar.eu/download/_dev/CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v5-2018-11-03T18_16_34Z.curapackage https://thopiekar.eu/download/_dev/CuraSolidWorksPlugin-v4-2018-11-03T18_16_34Z.curapackage

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