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  1. Hello Leo, there are problems uploading a new release with corrections for FreeCAD >= 0.18.0. Hope I'll manage to resolve the issue together with Ultimaker soon.
  2. No, you need probably @ardrift 's patches, if you upgraded Blender. Otherwise having Blender assigned to .blend files should be enough. The new plugin version was rejected by Ultimaker. I'll try to find time soon to correct the plugin and reupload it for a review by Ultimaker.
  3. There are no changes actually. You already tested the same code before, when you downloaded the plugin package from my build system. The release of the plugin was just postponed for some time 😉
  4. By the way, do you know how we could benefit from multi-material printing using this plugin? Is there a way using macros to access single bodies? Is there even a way to design things like that in Blender or does a model always consist of one part? I'm planning to add multi-material support to my plugins soon. The SolidWorks plugin is able to do that via 3MF fileformat, but you can also export all bodies separately and merge them to a group of models (what the 3MF reader in Cura does by the way).
  5. A short follow up: Added the @ardrift 's patch to my code, announced a new version 0.3.2 and submitted the package to Ultimaker. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂
  6. Applied @ardrift 's changes on a separate branch. Feel free to download, install and test the built packages taken from here: https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraBlenderPlugin/-/jobs/1368/artifacts/browse Currently, I'm too busy doing some testing, so please give feedback if it is working. Thanks!
  7. Hello @ardrift! Thank you for taking time making the needed changes to the script! I took a look onto it and it looks good for me! 👍 Will include this soon into my code and release a new version. Many thanks (again)! - Thomas
  8. @nikitas Just look into a GCode file. If there is anything specific, you will find it there, too. Regarding Putty: You can also take a look onto "Termite" (https://www.compuphase.com/software_termite.htm), if you like to use a very simple tool. Happy (printer) hacking! :)
  9. @pa9k: See: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/pull/5768
  10. Thank you @smartavionics! 💪
  11. No problem! Always a pleasure to be there for you! 🙂
  12. That is correct. During the creation of the guide there could have been a better way of showing where the macro is placed. I guess there are basically to ways of preventing this confusion: * Correcting the guidelines or adding a note there. * Replacing this guideline with one on my website. The benefit would be, that I can easily correct or add instructions, even if the plugin has already been released and installed. Thank you for mentioning that, I somehow lost this one from my scope.
  13. One difference should be quickly visible. The SolidWorks plugin was benefiting for a long time of a self-test, which ensured that SolidWorks is correctly installed. This one I extracted, cleaned up and moved into a common application library, called "CadIntegrationUtils" (short: CIU). That one consisted of no user-interface for a very long time. Since the library seemed to work fine for a long time, I decided to give it and all the other plugins a face. Long story short: The self-test was one of two tabs in the preferences dialog. Now you can find the self-test at: All you can find exactly the same menu entry at all the other Windows automation based plugins, too. These include the SolidWorks plugin, Autodesk Inventor and shortly the CATIA plugin. That's why the checks based on this technology are often just the same and therefore all the plugins can benefit from that. So if you can find this entry in the plugins menu, then you managed to install the plugin successfully. If you are noticing any issues as before, - well - then even better! 😃 Thank you for taking the time! PS: As soon as I get the CATIA plugin reviewed, I'll roll out updates for all the other plugins, too. Don't want to postpone it for much longer. Want to keep it in the release face of Cura. (As long as there are no issues of course.)
  14. A new plugin is joining the plugin family! The CATIA plugin comes basically with the features you know from the others (if you had a chance to use them before).[1] The plugin can be easily downloaded and installed on my website. You can find a very basic checklist of what needs to be done here: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/cad/catia/ Enjoy and happy designing! -------------------------------------------- [1] https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraCatiaPlugin/commit/9413a9961f0782a152b9bd878adcb23ade342cbb --------------------------------------------
  15. Could someone give this build a try? https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraBlenderPlugin/-/jobs/1298 There are no major changes, but I worked on some features for the SolidWorks and Inventor plugin, which could have influenced this plugin, too. Thanks! - Thomas
  16. New testing release: https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraFreeCadPlugin/-/jobs/1300/artifacts/browse I just touched some minor things when working on the SolidWorks and Inventor plugin. Would be great if you could give it a try. Thanks!
  17. It is a testing version. So eventually something might not work. As far as I could test it works good enough that I believe it can be tested by the community. 😊 The needed steps are basically described here: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/plugins/installation/#ManualInstall (This section of the instruction is not well formatted I have to admit.) If you face issues and you have too much trouble, simply uninstall the plugin via the marketplace and reinstall it via marketplace again, too. If Cura fails to uninstall the plugin (for whatever reason I don't know) you can find a guide about the manual uninstallation here: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/plugins/uninstallation/ Finally, the plugin I'm offering for testing will use default settings. Because I use a new "namespace" in the preference storage in Cura. So if you like to do a migration you need to rename "cura_solidworks" into "CuraSolidWorksPlugin" in the cura.cfg. But I would only recommend advanced users to touch that file. If you have any other questions or feedback, like missing steps or confusing explanations in the guides, please let me know! Thank you for your early interest, @XYZDesignPro!
  18. Made many cleanups, fixed minor issues, make some sections of the code stronger against bugs and redesigned the UI a bit. The Autodesk Inventor plugin and this one will share the same functionality of the service checker (previously called Troubleshooter in the configuration window). By sharing the same code across both plugins, I want to minimize the needed time on fixing bugs and make all similar plugins benefit from the same features. Additionally, note the package for Cura 4.1.0 (SDK 6.1.0). Haven't tested the plugin so far with that version since it is beta still. Any testing is highly appreciated! https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraSolidWorksPlugin/-/jobs/1258/artifacts/browse Thanks! - Thomas
  19. Dear community, here are some updates! 🙂 I began to clean up a lot of code in the common library called CadIntegrationUtils (CIU). At the moment I've got a test application working for the Inventor plugin, which only was provided with the SolidWorks plugin: Additionally, I added a popup message including a button which brings you to this window, so you can see where your Inventor installation might be broken. Along with these changes, I noticed that the code could be organized much better, so I will keep track of getting it cleaner. Getting this functionality working with the Inventor and SolidWorks plugin at once, will be the next step. Regards! - Thomas Karl Pietrowski PS: Work done: https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraInventorPlugin/-/jobs/1278/artifacts/browse
  20. As promised from my side, but nothing new for you here anymore, I got confirmed by a trustable source via mail, that you got heard already and people are trying to fix your problems asap. First of all, before I continue on some statements here, I have to say that I'm pretty much disappointed by the exposure done on the Ultimaker team by some people in this thread. I think the correct place to let someone know of your disappointment is not a public place like this. I could continue investing more of my energy into telling what I think (will do this later), but I want to make it short by saying: This way of blaming the whole company in public next to other community members, hobbyists and end users from the industry, is neither fair nor professional at all! Yes, you can be frustrated and you might be correct in many of your points, but are you really sure that it would have been better with a different manufacturer? Nevertheless, even if you thank the community for their help, blaming on Ultimaker makes me personally feel really bad. I'm really limited in time every day, but reading all the messages here made me getting active on this. Wanted to prevent this situation and wanted to calm you all down, but see that I missed my goal on some people here. Generally, have the opinion that many of you misunderstood the purpose of the forums. Resellers are responsible for local services and satisfaction. The forums are for announcements and a place created by Ultimaker for 3D printing enthusiasts to share their designs, problems and solutions. Yes, it is a place for support, but not too much on industrial level. Before something gets considered as a solution by Ultimaker it must be tested before (which should correspond with your industrial thinking, because a bad solution is like having no solution). Additionally, backward compatibility is never guaranteed to work since it is never (and probably will never be) tested (logically - since testing and doing downgrades now, would eat valuable time of an engineer to fix the actual problem). As I said before, what counts at the moment, is that a solution will be found soon. I'm sure Ultimaker as a company learned a lesson from that. (I'm allowed the say the following since I'm neither employed by Ultimaker nor making money with neither Ultimaker nor someone else right now.) Please, take some of your time, find a quiet and enjoyable place and think about how you communicate here. I know from my experiences with industrial (incl. automotive) companies that life can be stressing, but that's no excuse to be like this. Getting no answer from someone in time doesn't necessarily mean that someone is lazy and not doing her/his best to come back with a (real!) solution. Everyone who knows me can tell for sure that I could continue at this point and end up in a book. In any case, I'm convinced of Ultimaker products and trust their work! Thanks - Thomas Karl Pietrowski
  21. Have you ever tried to downgrade as described before and tried again. I mean if you can really prove that this is firmware related that would be great. Otherwise, people could say that you just have bad luck and the sensor itself could get broken accidentally during this time too. Well, I remember that there were several tests done together with PVA, so dual printing is definitely included here. But as I said, it's already more than a year ago that I had a foot in the R&D building. But even if I would know something more in detail what went wrong, I wouldn't mention too much (diplomatically). I think what really counts right now, is that your problems get corrected. Thank you for your great summary! I will redirect this one, if I hear something from the UM side. I agree. Also it depends on what is currently in the planning of the different individuals (companies and hobbyists). Might be that they already have a good calibration and didn't switch the cores. Anyway, more people will notice these issues soon for sure. Think that makes it more important to prevent that these people will ever know of these bugs, so they won't get disappointed, too. Will keep you posted as soon as I know something new.
  22. No problem! 😉
  23. Ein Sunon Lüfter war wohl auch zuvor verbaut oder? Ist das nicht vielleicht ein üblicher 80x80 lüfter? Von denen findet man einige bei ebay, aber bei 75x75 sieht es sogar über ebay hinaus sehr mager aus. Denke nicht, dass es sich Ultimaker in den frühen Jahren leisten konnte einen Lüfter nach eigenem Maß anfertigen zu lassen 😉
  24. Found the bug. Made the changes on the script with FreeCAD 0.18, but some functions are not backwards compatible to 0.17. Made it working for both now.
  25. Have you tried the same test cube with the printers original software? If this print works, I would suggest comparing the G-code of both slicers. Maybe you can trace back from where wrong parameters come from. 😉
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