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  1. Hi guys, there is an error when printing 10% process and pause, and remind me to abort this print. No problem while slicing in Cura. And all my software and firmware are both the latest version of Ultimaker 3. I searched and found that seems no one have the same problem as mine. Is that so? Thank you.
  2. Thanks you guys, problem been solved after 7 kinds of computers. It might be due to something compatible.
  3. Thank you for your guys advice. The situation is he has changed 6 pcs of PC, 3 of them are Win7 and 3 of them are Win10. Only one of them can slice successfully. So I wonder if the 3.5.1 Cura has a bug. Anyway, still don't know what's going on and I am looking forward to more ideas. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I have noticed it but he sliced by a brand new Cura, just installed. None of settings are changed.
  5. Hi Everyone My friend Alex, stuck with the problem for a few days. Everytime he insert to print, it shows on screen just like the figure below. We have tried and test so many times. It turns out: 1.Definitely the printer is UM2E+, he choose the right version in Cura, and all things are updated both hardware&software. 2.The same STL file has sliced on my Cura and it works okay. That means the file is nothing wrong. 3.The same STL file has sliced on my Cura and he took it to print but failed. That means his printer is nothing wrong. 4.The Question is, anything sliced from his Cura, couldn’t be printed. But we have compared my settings and his setting, turning out nothing different. By the way, he print by SD card all the time. And the gcode prtscr I attach below. The left is mine, successful one. The right is his, failed one. We definitely have no changed any settings but default. Do you guys have any idea of it?
  6. Share the sexier size please ?
  7. Download from website. The final size is over 300mm. Material I used is ABS. Later I attach the link of the model
  8.  (。・`ω´・)  Daily dumb
  9. No Offense. I mean the model is for all of you to share !!
  10. See my M4!! Printing separately and assembling together!!
  11. Painted on I will try more
  12. No, I download from a website. The color is my design.
  13. Sexy girl for all of you!
  14. Thank you for your watching!! We will add English subtitles soon!!
  15. The first unbox video in China! Subscribe us and thumbs up if you like it!!!
  16. I started printing on Friday and expected to finish tomorrow. It suppose to be nothing out of print volume. Printed from usb drive. Even press the button, it does not change the display. Really want to know how to restart print and solve it.
  17. I want to customize the print temperature and build plate temperature, but I found there is no related settings showing when I enabled just like the picture above. Software version 2.4.0 Hope you guys know how to set temperatures.
  18. Hi, what the moisture of your place? I notice that you are in the UK, and I know it's usually rainy place. But I also know that in the UK, strict indoors air-cons make me feel a little dry. So I wonder the exact number of humidity if you can provide. Thanks.
  19. A user asked me that there is so often to show the message above. He sent it to me and it's no error when I print, and then I sent it back, he said it shows error again. We both use the same print head and communication part. He is in the north and I am in the south, by the way. We both reset the wire and connection, but it won't work out. So how to deal with it? Hope you guys can help me, thanks.
  20. Thank you for your guys. If I use in the south of China, such as Shenzhen, how would I solve this kind of problem? @SandervG @kmanstudios
  21. I am going to buy a hygrometer to measure the percentage of humidity. We are in the south of China, but it's quite good status in the north of China. Is it really so sensitive to humidity?
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