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  1. I set up a flashforge creator dual with cura 3.2. The machine settings only has an option in the drop-down for one extruder. I didn't set up with this printer on 3.1 so I don't know if this problem is new for 3.2.
  2. Not matter what I put in the values on the right of the screen, in my profile, or material, my material_print_temperature is always 210. The bed is output correctly. I've enclosed a screen cap of my settings. This is my initial gcode ... ;Sliced at: {day} {date} {time} G21 ; metric values G90 ; absolute positioning M82 ; set extruder to absolute mode M107 ; start with the fan off M104 S{material_print_temperature} ;Start heating extruder M140 S{material_bed_temperature} ;Start heating bed G28
  3. Any luck with this? I also have been stuck on 15.0.4 while waiting for 2.x support for my flashforge creator dual. Does *anyone* have this combination working? I don't need GPX conversion because an octoprint plugin does this for me.
  4. I couldn't get any forum results at all from the magnifying glass. It would be very nice to find posts. Oh well ...
  5. I have been using 15.04.6 for some time and now I'd like to try 2.3.0. I need to keep running the old version for production and it will take me a little while to learn 2.3.0, especially the XY offset. Is there any way for me to run both versions in Ubuntu trusty?
  6. I couldn't find a place to ask this question so I apologize if it isn't in the right place. How do you search these forums. I looked everywhere. I would have searched for "search" but I can't search. :-)
  7. Thanks for the fast response. Is there anything stopping me from building the stable version with this pull request? Edit: Never mind. I see it is just in the machine definition. Thanks again.
  8. I'm trying 2.3.0 (on ubuntu trusty) for the first time with my printrbot simple. The display now has a drawing of the metal bed of the printrbot, which is pretty cool. However, the bottom of the bed drawing is at z=0 and the top of the bed is at a higher Z. When I place a model it puts the bottom at Z=0 so the model actually starts below the bed. Sure enough, when I print the model that much of the bottom is chopped off. I tried to manually move the Z up to a positive value but when I put a number in the Z box nothing happens and the Z move value goes back to zero. I had just installed 2
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