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  1. Got it to work with different student. Works perfectly. Question: Is the camera supposed to work over the cloud? Joe
  2. I am aware of open ports, I was just exploring how things are working. Ports were only opened to specific IP address and are now closed. All of the information you gave me in the articles I had done. The student is in the group and the group has access to the printer. He opened Cura, opened his STL file, and sliced it. The only option he had was to save slice to file. I do the same thing and I see print via cloud and it works. He is logged into his Ultimaker account. Going to digital factory, he can see printers and groups. He sees himself in the group.
  3. He can't. I think I misunderstood the "factory cloud" concept. Does this only work if you are on the same subnet as the 3D printer? With Covid, my student is at home on a different subnet etc. I assumed that when I share the 3D printer I was setting up an accessable IP address through the cloud to the 3D printer at my home. I tried two methods of connecting to the printer. I made the student a member of the shared computer group where I shared the printer. He shows up in the group and he can login the Ultimaker.com. That did not work as he could not print via cloud. I gave the stud
  4. I have set up a printer on the cloud and created a group of individuals. I can print via digital factory but my student can't. He is on a mac and I am on a PC. He is in the people shared to use the printer. In Cura, when I go to monitor, I see the 3D printer and a link that says manage in browser. He does not see that link. He only has the option to "print to file" in Cura. I have "print via cloud." Rather rambling message, but I hope to clarify with some useful discussion. Thanks,
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