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  1. Jeremy from 3DUniverse was kind enough to print out one of our sensor products on an S5 in black tough PLA (yay Jeremy!). The results are excellent, a very nice surprise. The results from the F370 cannot be compared to this S5 output - Stratasys fails badly in multiple categories for me: a) their print quality was bad/low, b) their customer service apparently didn't care too much for a small account such as us, and c) as others also remarked on, Stratasys annual maintenance costs are a significant pain for questionable value. Besides that, materials for the S5 are at a lower cost, support mate
  2. Nope didn't. Local supplier charging 100 bucks for any small part printed. I know its not much but as a (very) small company we watch every penny going out. Stratasys printed test parts within days, no questions no money asked. Now they weren't very good (their bad) and an S5 (or rather a couple of S5 printers) is probably still the way to go, but I would have liked seeing an actual output. Now with CV19 our funding is delayed so it will be a while before we're getting back to this.
  3. Nah, the requirement for codesigning and notarizing your app has been clear for many moons now. Get with the program.
  4. Yes thanks @orangepeel, I am starting to get a much clearer picture of Stratasys after all the discussion above. Additionally, I have spoken to a local engineer who uses Stratasys and other brand printers in the bio industry. He was not too pleased with the Stratasys printers he has (I forgot the specific models but they are pre F123 series). He mentioned the same maintenance costs as you listed and said that one could expect the Stratasys printers to be off line fairly regularly i.e. some failure for which the maintenance crew needs to come out. We also were able to get Stratasys
  5. @geert_2 Thanks Geert, appreciate your comments and recommendations. The test model you've got there looks like a good test - is it available somewhere? Can you tell us what we're looking at in the printed results? It seems you have a different layer height between the left and right models but I cannot tell for certain. Which was this printed on, a 5S?
  6. Yes I did knock on what I considered the right doors first, the community was my last resort. GR5 was most helpful and I finally got hold of a USA support person. By that time I had alternate spare parts coming in and the UM proposed solution to purchase and install an entirely new feeder motor + gear was not attractive to me. In part because of the prospect to have to do that on possibly all UM2+ we have. Now that whole lot will be retired and I won't bother with it anylonger. Long ago I learned that great products do not create great customer partnerships, its great customer serv
  7. Just look me up on a recent request for a gear.... I also DMed you at the time .... crickets. Customer service being all over a high value discussion (such as these) and not caring for a low value question is a bad sign for getting real help when you need it in my experience. Of course they show the best side of their butt at these sales calls. Thats why I requested them to print one of our designs. I like to do the same with the S5 - where can I get a test print done in the USA? The first priority is to get prints that are close to the finished product. Some post p
  8. Burned by some slippery salesguy before have you? (grin). I know they are putting their best stuff on the table, it always printed like that right out of the gate, and the printer never failed. Yep, seen all that. But the prints were impressive and (according to what was said) done on the printer we're interested in. We did talk about layer heights, nozzle sizes and print speed and differences between various print outs were fairly easy to see. Some parts had repetition marks (as if a driver/bed had a bit of oscillation) but most look good. Now I just have to vefiry how much of their story was
  9. I hear ya and completely agree - that is why I requested them to print one of our designs at their local facility. I intend to be there to see them do it.
  10. As mentioned, I am in the USA - everything works in silos here 🙂 I would love to meet your tool maker! The lowest quote we've received was 8000 bucks from an unknown shop in China. It is hard to just think a mould costs "just 2000", all depends on the complexities, number of parts and what not else... And yes, we have that spreadsheet with tool costs, material costs, shipping costs, risks weighing one thing vs another. Like I said, it is not a straight forward decision. Using easy math; our designs could print on an Stratasys about 20 complete systems/week keeping
  11. Repairing/doing maintenance ourselves is very attractive to me - being an engineer and all (though it is not necessarily good business practise). We are a small start up so costs to matter. Stratasys quoted us USD 4000/year for maintenance (excluding the tool head). Thats a UM3 on an annual basis! That is quite a statement! Do you have example pix to share? We had the Stratasys boys over this morning and they pulled example parts from their suitcase like no tomorrow, all most excellent quality. Some with a surface finish which made it impossible to tell it was a 3D printed part
  12. Injection moulding is of course the first thing we have gone after and still pursue. Cost of the (family) mould ranges between 25-45K depending on location and manufacturer. That does not include the expected trips to location to solve problems, fix the mould and shipping costs/delays (oversees if from China, takes a month and just shipping plastic parts means shipping a lot of air). I have worked with injection moulding in the past quite often and absolutly hate the scene. We never had high quantities (up to 2000/year) of anything and I think that just is asking for problems. With
  13. Can you share pictures of what you printed? Where these complex parts, large parts anything in particular that you felt under the mark? I like your suggestion to order test parts. Stratasys charged a couple of hundred bucks for 5 100x100mm rounded square shells, but printed on a Objet I think - perhaps worth the test money. I have no access to an S5 sadly. Continually purchasing 3D printed parts is not an economical viable option.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion - adding on to what you mentioned; the S5 would be controllable from the macs we have, unlike the F370 which requires a PC running GrabCAD. However, do you have experience with the S5 maintainability and reliability? I have a few UM2+ machines (again a whole different beast of course) and had initially good experiences but as of late found the reliability and Ultimaker's response to provide customer service .... well, irritating. Having 2, 3, machines that are all mediocre and require baby sitting is actually 2, 3 problems...
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