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  1. Woah. I didn't think I printed that much : 430h. By setting it at 230C I haven't got one problem in 20h of printing, so that's nice. Still two points from your list I haven't tried that could be the problem too, gonna get on it.
  2. No I don't have a way to measure the temp but since it worked great at the beginning on 210 and now I have to set it at 230, I thought it was the temp sensor that was off. At least something change that maybe could been fix if I send it to repair (also the leds are hanging :/). What do you think ?
  3. Oh thanks I was doing it every time I print in "Tune". For me it's off by 20C because it's where I get the best print. Can this be fixed by the warranty ? Anyway, thanks for your answers guys, really helped.
  4. 230°C. My temperature sensor miscalculate of 20°c then, nothing I can do except change it ? It's going to be a pain to change it everytime I print something.
  5. A bit at the end but not much, it was hanging around between the two pulleys; not really affecting anything, the glue was wearing off I guess or the leds were burning too hot.
  6. Thanks for your answer, I'm back with a bunch more result... not great. The last photo the feeder pressure is at 50%, everything OK until the last hour where it does something I don't get, do you recognize any pattern to know why it's happening ? 12 hours for that :/ Thanks for your support though
  7. @gr5 On some places it's like 90% transparent and other parts are opaque I start my long print after fixing bed level, first layers looking alright After an hour What's going on with my UM2+ ? :angry:
  8. I will reset the level then and see. I use the latest Cura version at normal settings. The only thing I changed is 0.2 in layer height.
  9. Tada, so I went to make some of my prints I wanted to do but couldn't because of the issue. This is what I get for the beginning and I don't want to launch a 5h+ print for nothing. What do you think the problem here is ? At first I thought it was the bed adjustment that were wrong but it seems partially good on top left and good right side...
  10. Ha ! I guess in theory it makes sense. Just leaving the thread open/best answer in case the issue appears again magically, making sure. Thanks guys.
  11. What kind of sorcery is this... The prints appears good now. So it's grinding when there is too much or not enough pressure ? How to know the difference ? Thank you !
  12. Yes I tried multiple brand of filament, same thing. I don't understand the thing about yop and middle ? Do you mean pushing to this line ?
  13. It's just eat through the filament if I make it lower and stop feeding though
  14. Hi SandervG, I have an UM2+. The feeder had always this problem from the beginning, I have cleaned it, changed the tension to the minimum, it's a bit better but clearly how can the minimum tension give so much grinding ? Tension feeder Top view coupler removed Face view coupler removed Coupler view 1 Coupler view 2 Atomic method results
  15. Looks good, cone shaped for the atomic cleaning. How do I remove it ? It seems a bit stuck, do I need to force it out ?
  16. Hello neotko, thanks for your answer. I don't think I have more than 100h on my UM2+, looks clean too : I searched for other causes. Dirty nozzle ? it's only in appearance though, cannot seem to clean it, I've tried. My filament appears to be really under stress with my feeder. It has always been the case though, even at the beginning with the filament given, it grinded a few times. I'm already at the lower pressure :/
  17. Hi, for more than a month now my print quality with default settings has greatly reduced, I have to tweak the settings to get something partially correct for each print. As you can see, the default normal quality from my UM2 is ugly, if I slow down to 50% I get OK print, but if I also just change the temperature, I've got the same result. The best print (not ideal though) is when I slow down AND increase the temperature. I've tried to reset my UM2, upgrade firmware, change materials used, changed models : same problem. Does this mean anything to you the problems I encounter ? Thanks
  18. Not much retractions on this particular model that I try to print (don't hear the sound much of the time), but I did have a strange result in quality with this filament, like it didn't heat enough. Gonna try to heat it more. I will try your parameters also, nothing to loose but time Thanks for the informations gr5 !
  19. Oh wow, how did I miss that ? Thanks. Hm, if it's already as loose as it can go then that's bad for me, as nobody ever had this problem, and if so, is the only solution to change feeder ? Thanks anyway
  20. Hello, My UM2+ feeder was grinding my filament so I wanted to loosen the feeder. Nothing happens, the indicator stay on the top, I decided to unscrew everything and see what happens inside and I don't get it : how does the screw will loosen/tighten the pressure ? I screw and unscrew all the way but nothing happens. Am I missing something, maybe my UM2+ is not mounted properly ? Also, is this a good alternative feeder for the UM2+ ? https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two#activity Thanks in advance
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