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  1. Hi, Is there a setting in Cura (I currently have 15.04.4) that will set the slicer to print the outer most perimeter first for each layer? I know this setting exists in MatterSlice and Slic3r and I was wondering if Cura had a way to do that as well. Alternatively, if you have any tips for preventing the curling up of thin parts of the first layer that catch on the print head and pull up and ruin the print I would love to hear them. I have painters tape on the bed, level it each run, and have the temperatures set to 210C, 70C. Thank you!
  2. Just realized my problem, I'm using a ROBO3DR1 printer, not an ultimaker, so I dont have the screen and controller for it. is there any way to access the TUNE menu directly from the computer?
  3. So tweak at Z is from what i've gathered something you set at the begining of the code and cant change after you click print, correct? I'm asking about a more on the fly type of thing. Where is the TUNE menu? I can't find it.
  4. Does anyone know of a way to control the flow rate during a print? I've seen that there's a tweak at Z plugin and from what I've understood that's only usable for changing predetermined properties at predetermined layers of the print. What i'm wondering is if there's a way to change the flow rate as the print is already going like you can do in MatterControl. Thank you in advance, Nirel
  5. How can I change the flow rate during the middle of a print? do you know if there is such a way? There's the Tweak at Z plugin but that's just something you set at the beginning, I'm wondering if theres something to let me change it during the print when I realize that I need it. Thanks
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