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  1. Ok, before you laugh, before you get into anything technical please remember i am not anywhere nearly as versed or as savvy as you.... I am seriously stuck. I am going to be as thorough as possible. I am totally new to 3d printing. I am an inventor and this was to help me through the phases of getting my designs in place I have a new (3-4 months old) Ultimaker 2 extended + I went this way because of the 0.25 nozzle My parts at approx .75 inch x 1/4 very small. I am printing in nylon... i have had some prior success using the CPE setting with nylon previously Suddenly out of now where after say 6 prints everything went wrong and has continued that way I am very frustrated, deflated and burnt out... I have to use nylon I am using taubman 618 3mm I am fed, refed, tried setting up and down... I have leveled releveled etc.. The brims were coming out perfect then the print in a verticle print again 1/4" wide building on the tip up 3/4" inch. Now the brim prints and then the nozzle just smooshed into the print as it extrudes it keeps pushing the print around and out of place. i have a guy who wrote the gcode, he has written rewritten and made a dozen adjustments. I would be happy to send this to anyone to try it I need to be worked through every setting to get this right. I know i am asking alot from someone but this has been 7 weeks of lost prints, hours and hours and days and days of frustration to the point i am going to get rid of the printer. It is seriously holding me back If someone will aloow me to send them the gcode and tell me by phone or by team viewer to share my laptop to walk me through this i would be greatful. if need be i could pay someone for the hour. Thanks for reading Best, Ron sixtyninejets@yahoo,com
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