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  1. Hi @Daid and @Steve, I encountered a similar issue while trying to connect my Ultimaker 2 Extended + to a raspberry pi. I was trying to get data from temperature sensors while the print was in progress. But every time I sent in a request via serial from the raspberry pi , the printer would reset. After reading your post, I have some perspective on why that was happening. However, my intention here is not to print via USB but rather just use it for getting temperature values. One crude way that I figured out was to establish the serial connection first and then start the print using the dial
  2. I am trying to update the firmware of the printer using an Ubuntu system. It just would not allow me to that. I am in fact using SD card for printing.
  3. I have an Ultimaker 2 Extended+. I have tried Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04 and 16.04 along with different Cura versions but none have worked. As mentioned in the post below, I am not sure how to run Cura as root . What I did was to download Cura and run the software installation from the downloaded file. Do I have to run it from the terminal using sudo? Does anything else needs to be done as well?
  4. Hi, Can someone suggest a combination of Cura and Ubuntu that works? I have tried a lot with different versions of the two but without any success. Cura simply fails to recognize the printer while I can see the device name under lsusb issued from the terminal.
  5. I would say I am not great at programming but I can work on any leads you provide
  6. Thanks a lot for replying. Appreciate it. My intention is to record the temperature profile while printing. I know about OctoPrint which shows temperature profiles in a web browser. But I want to record that data as well. So, I was looking into how I can "talk" to the printer. What do you recommend for that ? I mean what is good way to talk to the printer through serial ? a terminal program ?
  7. Can anyone please explain briefly how to capture above values using serial connection to the usb?
  8. Hi, Can someone please point me to a good source of information for understanding the common firmware used in 3D printers especially in Ultimaker. I wan to know it from the point of view of how Gcode is run and the actions of various motors and heating elements controlled. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hi, How can I read raw temperature values from the printer over a USB connection to my computer?
  10. Hi, Would I need any special software to read those values? Thanks Gurtaj
  11. Thanks a lot for the info, Didier. That was pretty much what I was asking about. Would you also happen to know if we can record these sensor readings by some method or if they can be accessed in software like MATLAB? Does the machine make any corrective actions if it notices that there is a drift in the values from the intended values? Thanks again.
  12. Hi, I was wondering whether the Ultimaker 2+ has any sensors that keep track of process parameters like temperature of the extruder or of the build envelope etc.? Thanks Gurtaj
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