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  1. Ok. So I recently printed a stamp again and it turned out pretty good except the very top layer looks really rough. Heres a photo: Besides sanding, is there anything I can do here in terms of settings. Im using Simplify 3D but any suggestions would greatly help. Regards Bernie
  2. Thanks for that StephanK appreciate it yes it isnt easy to get it perfect but I guess some post finishing work like sanding will need to be done. I did try printing it with the top layer flat to the glass however it didnt build layers well when trying to extrude over long distances without any support underneath once it got past the layers that involve text. Its all about experimentation I guess !
  3. Thanks so much JohnFox ill do some sanding and see how that goes! I understand its just something that happens on 3D prints so post finishes are required. With specifying segments is that in a software ? Im using Simplify3D at the moment. Thanks again Bernie
  4. Thanks so much Nicolinux I did level the plate so that part seems ok now the issue of the 'smooth' finish im after really want to resolve that :-( Thanks again.
  5. Hi everybody Im Bernie and a newbie to the Ultrimaker 2+ that I received only today and been having fun running a few tests. The reason for the purchase is we are starting a business that designs and make custom cookie stamps for special occasions like birthdays etc. I designed the initial model in TinkerCad which was fine and easy to do and then printed it on the UM2 for the first test run. Basically looked great although I noticed there were a few nozzle marks on the top layer that may be an issue when selling as a final product as you can see in the photo. Basically I had issues with extruding filament initially (Using PLA) at the standard 210 deg. however when increased to 230 degrees it flowed well. The settings I used in Cura for this particular print are shown in the following photos: I feel that I may need to increase the top / bottom and shell thickness to maybe 1.2mm? Would really appreciate any feedback you can provide. Also another observation on the first print is the based seemed to warp on one side so I assume the filament didnt attach enough to the buildplate so maybe use a raft next time or increase buildplate temp ? I also attached a photo for that too. Im really enjoying the machine its amazing and the quality of the build itself is really solid. Cant wait to learn more and more! Im really honored to be now a part of the Ultimaker community :-) I thank you all for your time. Bernie
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