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  1. Hello, I just installed CURA V4 for my Ultimaker Original - but I remark: My 3D-Print-peaces are in the high (Z-Axis) not correct - only 1/3 from the high that I excpected. Why? On the control I checked, that the FW from 03.03 / 15 March 18 - so the V4 did not actualised the FW. Are there any reasons? Kind regards chris
  2. Hello, I work with my ULTIMAKER original since nearly 3 years - without any problems. But today evening, just I would start a plott-session during the night, I receive the message "bed Heating". The plott-process d'ont be will start. I checked every cables, everything are ok. Are there any person they have already experiance in this case? Let me know, please! Kind regards chris@CH
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