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  1. Ok I am totally frustrated. Where can I send my new UM2 extended for repairs? I just need it to work correctly. Please let me know where the repairs can be done.
  2. I just changed the nozzle (0.4 mm) on my UM2 extended. It tries to print the object but it puts out blobs of material. I am using PLA material and the machine is only one month old. Please give suggestions I can try.
  3. Okay, I have a UM2 Extended and this machine will go down as the biggest piece of junk in history. I can not clear a jammed nozzle even after 8 or 10 tries at the atomic method. The forum has a lot of good info but not much on nozzle cleaning. What do I do now? I have other nozzles that came with my machine but how do you change them. The user manual is just about useless.
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