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  1. I thought I did a decent job with levelling the bed. I decided today to be more picky about calibration of the bed on both units. Today's small tests went well. As for the glue, if I am using the Ultimaker branded PLA or colorfabb what should my bed temp be to allow for it to stick easy, not warp and easier removal when it is done? What tool do you use/recommend to remove your projects from the bed? I am thinking some sort of thin metal spatula or is there something else to use. Just worried about warping/damage when removing large based projects or small projects that may not have much fill <20%.
  2. Hello, I am seeking any advice as our school has just set up a pair of Ultimaker 2+ printers. Just would like someone to have a look at the first print job made using a .stl file from a source other than the SD card. I noticed that the back of the print suffered from inconsistent laying down of the plastic (maybe to much glue on the bed?) and not everything on the front side that needed fill was filled. In some places I can see plastic that streaks across gaps when the print head moved to another part of the project. Is this because the default speed is to fast? So far I'm pretty impressed I am using Colorfabb PLA warm red and the default settings of the Ultimaker 2+. I understand that each machine does need further tweaks after calibration however I am unsure where to start to adjust my settings. Any advice based on the pictures provided would be great.
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