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  1. I've tried reducing the retract during the print but that hasn't really helped. I'll have a look at the fan though as Smithy suggests.
  2. Good shout! I'll check that when I get home. That would explain it though. Edit: Now you mention it I did notice the fan sounding a bit dodgy prior to this problem started and can't say I've noticed it since so there's a good chance the fan has indeed failed. I've still got the original UM2 print head so will look at swapping one of those fans back in as a first hit (Y).
  3. Hi guys, I've recently been having a problem with my UM2+ whereby it works perfectly for maybe 5 minutes then the material simply stops extruding. I thought it was an issue with the feed system so took that off and cleaned it all up but still no good. I then took apart the print head and gave the hot end a bit of a service but still no good. I've finally sussed out that the problem appears to be where the bowden tube terminates within the print head. If I pull the material and bowden tube out of the print head after a failed print what I see is that the material has 'mushroomed' at the end of
  4. I work at the University of Southampton in the UK and we have a few Ultimakers around in Engineering but I specifically work in the wind tunnels and have found many brilliant uses for our current UM2+ (though I would dearly love an S5 or even a UM3!). The more traditional uses have resulted in components being manufactured for customers such as Aston Martin, creating aerofoil shrouds for our struts, replacement brake ducts for our 50% F1 model, an integrated pressure scanner mount that attaches our wake rake to our traverse... the list goes on. Where things get really i
  5. Seems a bit of a schoolboy error if so! I guess if the firmware doesn't do anything differently between a pause and resume and a pause, material change and resume it could be the case... Surprised the issue hasn't been picked up before and fixed in a firmware update. I've emailed the query to UM direct so if I get anything useful back from them I'll post up here.
  6. No one? I take it it's not just my machine and this is a standard 'issue' with all UM2s?
  7. It's a UM2+ and just using Cura software so I hit 'pause' on the machine, select 'change material', change as normal letting the material flow smoothly through the nozzle for a few seconds before finishing the material change process and then hit 'resume print'.
  8. Very true. I made a proper enclosure using some files on Thingiverse and perspex sheet (but then my printer's at work and is used by customers etc. so saran wrap and a garbage bag wouldn't cut it!!
  9. I struggled for a long time and just gave up with ABS but recently added a full enclosure to my UM2+ and can now print ABS with minimal warping (I still use a mild ABS slurry on the bed to help things along but the enclosure did wonders).
  10. Good afternoon, I've been using a UM2 (upgraded to 2+) with Cura for a few years now and have a problem whenever I pause a print to change the material, either to a new colour or to replenish material that's almost out. Basically after changing the material as normal and allowing the material to come through to the nozzle fine when I click resume the extrusion starts immediately, with maybe 50mm of material being extruded before the print head makes it to the model and continues the actual print. This then creates a messy patch at the resume point and has a couple of times resulted in a failed
  11. Thanks for all your replies! :oP Anyway, another reply from Ultimaker and I'm sorted. I can now confirm that in 2.1.1 it's possible to alter individual object settings provided you're in 'advanced' mode (which makes sense). Maybe this will be of use to someone else in the future.
  12. I received a reply from ultimaker by email saying that this should be an option in 2.1.1 but when I went to try that option is still greyed out after selecting an object... Any thoughts?
  13. Apologies for what may well have been answered before (I did look but couldn't find anything) but I'd welcome any advice or even relevant a link. I'm running a UM2 printer with Cura software (mainly using 15.04.6 but have also downloaded 2.1.1 to try) and my question is whether it is possible to have different settings for individual objects within a multiple object build. In case that is clear as mud, if I have object A that I would like printed with normal quality and 20% infill, is it possible to print that together with another object B that I want in fine quality and 50% infill? I know
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