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  1. Youmagine is thowing errors in modern browsers (see attached.) Currently accessing it in Internet Exploder. The cert can be regenerated and should be valid. It will probably quick working for all browsers soon(tm). https://knowledge.digicert.com/alerts/ALERT2566.html
  2. Hey kids! I'm running the 3dsolex matchless v3 hot ends and nozzles and they're amazing (thanks gr5!) I'm getting over 60mm^3 extrusion volume with ABS using the .6mm race nozzle and .4mm layer height. It's mind boggling how fast I can make useless fidget toys and printer upgrades now. Anyway, my question is - does anyone know if these nozzles can be cleaned by soaking them in acetone? Maybe MEK? I've got some ABS and PC buildup and I'd like to get them shiny again. Thanks!
  3. Completed my upgrade!. @gr5, below are some more photos you can use on your tutorial. I printed a clip and taped it to the side to use as a wire guide. I'll wrap those wires and use some proper supports later. I also used another cord to use as a guide and installed the replacement heater in the cable wrap. I'll keep the other as a spare. I learned a lot along the way. First thing I should have done is remove the filament. I wound up with broken filament in the feeder and what I now know is the PTFE coupler got clogged with PLA. Neither was too bad but I think the guide is written for someone that already knows how to build one of these from scratch. Very happy with the shiny bottoms of my PLA and how much easier it is to release prints. ABS filament is pending available stock. I'm having a problem with the first layer in one x,y region where it seems to bump something but just on the skirt and I'll probably go down the rabbit hole on that one next week. But the few prints I've done have been really nice. Got a case to go on my pi zero and more prints planned for the week. Here's the album: https://goo.gl/photos/h6kDn3MDKGkg3mqR6
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'm looking over the repo on github and it looks pretty straightforward. I'll probably use your firmware to start and if I get impatient and replace the power brick I'll just fork and open a PR if I do anything interesting with it. The kit has been sitting by my printer since Friday and I haven't had time to install it yet. Hopefully this weekend!
  5. I'm installing my heated bed upgrade today and I'm wondering about the power supply and juggling that has to be done between heater and bed. It looks like a pretty standard regulated 24v 5a supply. I can get a regulated supply that will do about double the current. Is this too much current for the PCB or onboard regulators?
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