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  1. I saw an old thread of someone discussing that they worked in an office that would not allow for leaving the ultimaker printing unattended because it is a fire hazard. Unfortunately that thread became a little over populated for my taste so I am starting my own based on a solution i worked out. Basically, the place where i have been printing has the same rule but they allow for the makerbot to be paused overnight because the print bed isn't heated (and pausing cools the extruder?). Yesterday i came up with somewhat of a solution by printing PLA on a non-heated bed and then pausing the printer. Of course this only works for PLA but it is a practical solution to reduce the heat generation. It can be modified by adjusting the temperature through the tuning function to reduce the extruder temp to zero (or realistically room temp) and then reheated in the morning, to make the fire hazard that of any other electrical device. And my print finished perfectly without any lifting. As a side note though the plate needs to be relatively cool prior to starting a print or the PLA can still lift free.
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