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  1. hmm, in line with what I broke of when being printed, but not in line with the design I made in Blender: there the z-position of the lower outer plane is -1mm, and the inner plane -0.5mm. hence the bottom should be only 0.5 mm thick. Btw, I get the same value difference between inner and outer plane when I import the stl back again.... I just reduced the thickness to have another try.
  2. yep, the actual file size has grown. The object in the file is exactly the same size, just like the estimated printing time of nearly 3 hours.
  3. Hi Kmanstudios, I was referring to the file itself, not to the object... And I had exactly the same astonishment when the printer created the thick bottom layer. I still think I ticked one or another setting in Cura that generates a solid object when printed, can't think of any other option 😞
  4. I tried the online service on https://service.netfabb.com/login.php, but besides the fact that the stl is 8 times larger, It looks exactly the same, just like the estimated print time of almost 3 hours (where 25 minutes should be the max given the wall thickness)
  5. The strange thing is that the object looks OK in Cura, but when printed it seems to be printing a solid object. If you look at the STL-file, you'll see that the bottom of the bin is just 0.5 mm, when printed I interrupted it when there was already a layer of more than 2.5 mm.....
  6. As requested, the Cura project file for the bin (polssteun bak .3mf). Please ignore the spoon (koffieschep V4), that design has to be corrected anyhow. polssteun bak.3mf
  7. Hi gr5, The bin was printed before, but somehow it got lost. That's the reason I wanted it to print again... As I always keep the STL-files I have printed, I was rather puzzled why it didn't print properly. Still no solution why it is printing the bin as a solid mass of plastic.
  8. Hi Smithy, It is OK that the walls of the box are thin. I checked the design in Blender and even the thickness of the bottom should be only 0,5mm. Yet when I printed it, I had a bottom of mora than 2,5 mm before I switched of the printer. Also the printing time is 2 hours and 56 minutes..... So, how did you check the slicing? I still have the impression I screwed up a setting, but I still don't know which one. Btw, didn't know about the x-ray option, very handy, will correct the coffespoon 🙂
  9. I am trying to print a hollow shape (a rectangular bin to be more exact) without a top, see the first attachment "polssteun bak.stl". I have printed this object before in a previous version of Cura (15.x) and it came out perfectly. However, I am now trying to print it again with Cura 3.6 and the result is a solid block of plastic 🙁 I had the same issue with another stl-file, "koffieschep v4.stl" (a spoon), this was also printed as a closed object. Both stl-files look OK in Blender Which setting in Cura is causing this? polssteun bak.stl koffieschep
  10. Would it be possible to share your drawings for the panels? My Ultimaker will arrive in a couple of days, and this is for sure one of the add-ons I had in mind. Thanks in advance, Joost
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