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  1. Thanks for your help Torgeir, the UM2+X is now back up and running!!
  2. Thanks for the info Torgeir. Its very odd they dont colour code the wiring anymore. 2 grey and 2 black wires in the new cable...doesnt make it easy to fit.
  3. We have been having a heat sensor error on our printer so we have bought a new plate kit from 3D GB Ire. first off I`ve noticed that the shape of the new plate is a little different, I`m hoping its just an upgraded part. But my biggest issue is that none of the wires on the new cable are colour coded like the original. There were no instructions sent with the kit so I`m guessing I`m going to have to just do a continuity check on the new cable to match them up with the correct connections on the bed and circuit board? Also while the printer is apart I have noticed that the circuit board is seeing some heat discolouration. Is this normal ? Thanks, Andy
  4. Recently ive started to have 2 problems with my Ultimaker 2+ and im wondering if they are linked I was having issues with a print where at random points in the print it would either fail or produce a weak point in the print, it looked like it was skipping a layer or jumping up 2. At this point I decided to clean up the machine and re level the bed. I started to run through the process as normal using the rotate button to move the bed into position. It went a bit too high at first so i turned the button the other way but instead of lowering the bed it went up again, it went down eventually but then it was just going up and down randomly as i span it in the down direction. It seems like the button was not sending the correct signal to the board to control the bed height. it made me wonder if this is also the cause of the failing prints ? Has any one seen this before? Any ideas what I can try to do to fix it ? Cheers Andy
  5. So last night a print failed and it managed to fill the area between the two side fans with pla. So I took the plunge and took the hot end apart completely. After a few hours of cleanup I'm ready to put it back together but I failed to take a picture showing the orientation of the middle fan....there is a sticker on one side and I'm kinda thinking that should be on the outside...but can anyone help me out with the direction the air is supposed to go? Is it supposed to blow cold air into the mechanism or is to pull hot air away?cheers
  6. I recently bought an Ultimaker 2+ ive been very happy with it and had no problems what so ever...all my prints have worked perfectly. Until today... I ran out of the supplied silver filament so i swapped it over to the white faberdashery filament, i had seen in this forum that people were quite happy with it...however...from the moment i loaded the material ive had issues....under extrusion, looks like the filament is cooling too fast upon extrusion, then it started lifting off the bed as it was printing and now its actually refusing to extrude at all.( so im going to have to clean the nozzle out again) Ive tried making a new custom setting with the nozzle temp at 220 but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated Andy
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