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  1. cropduster

    Warping bei PLA

    Zurück zum Filkemp Nylon: Ich habe das jetzt mal mit meinem Drucker getestet (BeeThefirst+), wobei ich kein beheiztes Druckbett habe und nur auf Blue Tape gedruckt habe. Perfekt, lässt sich wie PLA drucken, nur bei 230-235°C. Ich sehe kein warping. Es handelt sich um pre-lubricated Low Temperature Nylon, vermutlich ähnlich wie Taulman Nylon 230. Vorteil scheint zu sein, dass man kein besonderes Druckbett benötigt. Bei taulman Nylon 618 und 230 druckt man am Besten auf MDF-Platten oder tatsächlich grobfaseriges Papier, das hat bei mir auch geklappt, aber dennoch haben sich die Drucke vom Bett gelöst. Beim Filkemp Nylon sehe ich das nicht. Prima Filament.
  2. I just installed Cura 2.1.2 and tried to set it up to work withe the (currently unsupported) BeeTheFirst+ printer. I realized that the whole Gcode stuff changed and the { } brackets do not work anymore, but Cura now adds izs own temperature lines in front of the user defined start gcode script. Michael
  3. I actually trie dit out and replace the S220 by M104 S{print_temperature}, and the gcode file then shows whatever value I had in the GUI. The M104 S entry only comes twice in the gcode file, in the startup script and the end script, no changes during printing.
  4. Hi, I actually have a BeeThefirst+ printer (with gcode flavor set to RepRap (Marlin/Sprinter) and that's the gcode start script: -- M300 G28 M206 X500 M107 M104 S220 G92 E M642 W1 M130 T6 U1.3 V80 G1 X-98.0 Y-20.0 Z5.0 F3000 G1 Y-68.0 Z0.3 G1 X-98.0 Y0.0 F500 E20 G92 E -- I export gcode and then print the gcode in the beesoft application that come with the printer. I am fairly new to printing and now I am not sure if I should edit the line M104 S220 each time I want to change the temperature to a different value or if I enter the variable M104 S(print_temperature) which is in the .ini file and corresponds to the value in the gui. Cheers, Michael
  5. Hi, this is probably a newbie question, but anyhow: I have my temperature setting in Cura to 210 deg, this shows up in the ini file. In the gcode strat script the 220 deg are hardcoded with the line M104 S220. I always thought that would only apply to the hetaing up, but I am not so sure. Does Cura then take the 210 deg for printing or the value in the gcode section? If the latter, do I need to change to M104 S(print_temperature]? Or what would be the correct notation? Thank a lot, Michael
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