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  1. STAR WARS Kylo Ren

    SATR WARS Kylo Ren helmet
    who never dreamed to get into the skin of a character from Star Wars.
    It's now accessible to everyone. follow these steps ....
    1- unzip the rar file.
    2 print each of the parts.
    3- paste carefully printed parts
    4-apply the mastic to clear blemishes.
    5-sand carefully to a smooth surface.
    6-creating impacts on the front of the helmet
    7-paint the helmet twice in glossy black.
    8-paint the face in metallic gray.


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  2. Retro gaming console, Rpi, 3d printed.

    My first project will be a retro console, I also had access to a 3D printer and make my own case for this little toy.
    Here the impression of the case
    STEP 1. Gather materials:
    To set up a Recalbox, you need the following:
    A Raspberry Pi 2 (I took the Starter kit with Wifi)
    A micro SD card with at least 16GB
    An HDMI cable
    A Bluetooth key
    A joystick PS3, XBOX360 (wireless and that's the one I chose) or a USB joystick.
    A Wired USB keyboard or wireless keyboard
    SD Card Formatter - MAC or WINDOWS
    Once you have gathered all these components, you can proceed to Step 2 and install recalboxOS on your SD card.
    STEP 2. Install recalboxOS.
    It's time to download and install recalboxOS
    Visit https://github.com/digitalLumberjack/recalbox-os/releases/latest to download the latest version of recalboxOS. You can install recalboxOS on a FAT32 formatted card. For this, use the formatting software available at https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_4/pour Windows and MacOSX, Linux or gparted, remember to select "full erase" to erase the map data otherwise it does not work.
    Unzip the file recalboxOS.zip and copy all the files in the base of your SD card.
    Insert the micro SD in raspberry, connect the HDMI, keyboard and power supply. Your raspberry load the installer, select recalboxOS with SPACE and install with I.
    You now have a recalbox


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