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  1. From what ive seen im the first to do this. The motion system is great. Still waiting for amplifier boards for the pt100s to arrive before i can print
  2. Ive done my fair share of meddling with firmware haha That shouldn't be too bad
  3. all of the drilling was done by the previous owner, but before i disassembled it i it was fully functional and the end stops were all in the correct positions, However it will be a little more work getting the ends stops to pick um2 sliding blocks
  4. I know.. however thats not to say a 2+ Head cant be made dual nozzle. Stamping out an hole and fitting an extra olsson block. Sadly with the help of some chinese parts will be no worries
  5. Ah i never realised there was a difference in frames , I thought the LCD & heated bed add on basicly converted the UMO to the UMO+ ?
  6. I recently purchased a UMO+ (EDIT: UMO with Heated bed and ulticontroller) that needed some work. I will be upgrading it to a dual extrusion UM2 + printhead head, UM2 sliding blocks and gt2 belts and gears and don't forget a fully enclosed build chamber. Any recommendations would be great Stay tuned
  7. Thanks mate, I didn"t realise it was tucked away in the ultimaker 2 folder
  8. Thanks for the response However i was unable to find a step file of a fully assembled umo+ there
  9. Hi I recently bought a second hand Ultimaker Original Plus which i am in the process of upgrading to a use the UM2+ upgrade kits plastic parts, with dual E3D V6 nozzles. and UM2 Sliding blocks. I have looked on Github which has all of the individual part STEP files however no full assembly. Does anyone have a full assembly step file for a UMO+ Would be much appreciated and make my life much easier. Thanks Moses.
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