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  1. However, after upgrading to a sheet of PEI, I may never use anything else.
  2. Where did your source the chip from? I'm having a similar issue.
  3. Any luck on sourcing that part? Seem to be having the same issue.
  4. I have a scratch built ultimaker. It's been working great. I love it. But now for the second time, the first time I wrote off as a bad part, the front screen stops working and the whole machine seems to die. I've attached a video. When I disconnect EXP 1, the printer seems to come back to life, but I'm not sure what the actual problem is. I've been running tinker's firmware, but it's been working great since I completed the build at the beginning of the summer, around May. Has anyone seen this? After printing non-stop all day, I took a break to talk to the missus. I turned the machine off. When I turned it back on, thirty minutes later, the machine turns on to silence and a repeating click, as if one of the steppers is trying to move. The screen doesn't come on, nor do the lights. Disconnecting exp1 seems to fix the problem, I suppose, but the machine of course cannot be controlled then. I tried connecting via mattercontrol, hoping to control the printer without the screen. This seems to work, but I am not really comfortable with it. Is the front board dead?
  5. So, I've been printing all day. After a successful print, my machine (a scratchbuilt ultimaker 2) freezes up in the warm up cycle for another print. I power off and power back on. No activity on screen. No lights. No beeps. Nothing. Lights come on and I can reconnect and upload firmware if i dosconnect exp1. However, I get nothing when it comes back on. Green light on mainboard, but nothing else. Do I have a dead control board?
  6. Ever get an answer? I'm having the exact same problem. I ordered a new set of electronics, but I'm hoping to fix the problem before they get here.
  7. Anyone have any luck finding pwm compatible replacement fans for the sides yet?
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