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  1. Hi everyone I've been seeing this issue on and off, it's more common with larger, square-ish prints... I've tried increasing or decreasing speed, bed and nozzle temperature but I can't seem to nail down the cause. When I examine the skirt I get a nice squished flat line so I'm not sure it's bed alignment. Thanks!
  2. gr5, thanks for your post I've been struggling with the correct amount of "friction" we're supposed to feel with the leveling procedure. Are you saying you adjust the level for every print? How can you tell if you have the right amount?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been using my Ultimaker 2+ for some designs with tolerances that I thought should be within the printers capabilities. To test the accuracy of my setup I decided to print a 4x50x10mm box and lay it in different orientations. See attached picture. Once printed I measured the dimensions with a caliper and always found that they're consistently about 0.1mm larger. Especially in the 4mm dimension. Any ideas? I've tried both Cura versions and simplify 3D with similar results. So I'm leaning towards a hardware/firmware problem. I'm printing with the 0.4mm nozzle using the de
  4. Thanks for the reply, any ideas as to what might be causing it or how to diagnose or prevent it.
  5. Hi everyone, I've had my ultimaker 2+ for about a month. I've recently started hearing a loud grinding noise when starting a new layer. It seems to be coming from the x axis motor. I just aligned the axles and it seems to have worsened.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbBEpFq6yos
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