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  1. this is the model, i am going to increase the speed to 150 i had 120 for travel. and the printing speed i stayed in the default 60mm/s
  2. hello, since quiet some time i have a problem where the last part printed of the parts is like the nozzel go ups in temperature or something. the thing is that i dont have any spetial configuration, also i am printing in PLA. 210°C with bed of 60° . i kept a really low speed of printing and travel but it isnt as all over hangs are like that is only at "the end" of the printing, like it change temperature or some configuration at the last slices. i tried to re install cura from zero. i have non pluging or anything else... also i need to add one last info, i have printed even the same piece with different results, everytime it has this "blop" but sometimes bigger some times smaller.....
  3. hello i wanted to make a temperature tower test, and to be able to modify the temperature i used the RepRap configuration to be able to modify the temperature of by the progress of the print in a UM2. my problem is that after i save the gcode from cura, in the software it shows that is going to use 2m of material but when i go to print it in the printer it shows 0.00m of material and if try to print it, the printer has no flow of material. i am attaching the .obj. thanks test.gcode
  4. Hello everybody, I am new with the FFF 3D printers, as before I had work with SLA printers. And I need some feedback from people that had been working with ultimakers. Right now I have an ultimaker 2 with PLA filament and i am having some problems, First the nozzle of the extruder don’t stop the extrusion 100% when it moves and leaves some rests in different parts, as in the picture I am attaching. Also I got some bent in my bigger parts, I have configured the plate temperature to pre configuration for PLA that is already in the ultimaker someone had the same problem and modified to a custom plate temperature. Also, I am using cura for the preparation of the files, it is ok but maybe is a better option or recommendation to do? And the last problem is with the supports for the prints, in the actual configuration the supports sticks too much and I can’t take it out at all, some small guide for the different settings for the supports? And another thing that is not a problem more like a doubt, is when designing prints that will fit one in each other or that something will fit inside like a tube, people working with this type of prints, how much of marge you take ? For example +0.05mm for the female part? Or it depends in the nozzle or size of the layer? Or is a little extra % of the real measure? Or for example for the size for the holes of the head of the screw Thanks a lot!!
  5. hello guys, it is my first time using the ultimaker 2 and i need some help, first of all, let me explain a little bit about the model: i am trying to make a gameboy raspberry (http://imgur.com/a/gFhk7) and because i want to use it like a final product i would love to have a really hight quality ending pieces. i am going to print on part in colorfabb_XT black of 2.85 diam and the other one in PLA/PHA sky blue from colorfabb of 2.85 diam too. here i add the link of the to parts that i want to print: https://skfb.ly/OVQZ https://skfb.ly/OVQr i would love some recomendations in the different settings it is the first time i am using the ultimaker 2 before i was using the zortrax 3d printer where you dont need to change things, only the material so i dont have any idea. it really doesnt matter how much time takes to print thanks
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