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  1. I have NO idea what that horizontal feature does but it worked great! I used to be a huge Simplify3D fan, but Cura is slowly luring me back.
  2. I like that video! I cleaned off my glass plate better. Also, I took kmanstudios suggestions and printed slower and 5 degrees lower. Much Better! So now I have the tangential question of those ears. How to make them less globby? I also have an even more tangential question. I downloaded the gears from gr5's video. The gears did not rotate because of squish. I only printed a few millimeters of the gears before stopping, and this pic is looking at the bottom. Instead of leveling the plate higher for less squish, can i change the flow out of the nozzle that would print the gears better?
  3. Great minds think alike! I had that same thought before. The results are nearly the same:
  4. Hello Again! I've been trying to print this: Low-Poly Pikachu 90% of it comes out great. The top, never finishes. I can't quite explain what is happening. It's almost as if the back part of the head gets printed "higher" and the nozzle knocks into it. It's weird. Every thing else comes out great on super fine setting in cura. So is this some kind of nozzle adjustment issue, or is this just becuase of something in the STL? This happens weather the gcode comes from Cura, or from Simplify3D. Thoughts on what to try?
  5. It's not the priming extrusion, that stays where it should be. BUT, it could very well be coming from the nozzle. When this current print is done, I will wipe that off. Thanks for the suggestion! Maybe warp was the wrong way to describe it. It's not with the first layer, but the upper layers. If you see that previous picture, you can see most of the diagnol lines, but then they stop for a section at the bottom. That section is the part that is "higher" then the others. Here is a side picture: See how it peeks up like a mountain? It should be flat.
  6. I leveled the bed, and lowered the temps. Looking much better! Thanks korneel and rowiac! What causes those blops of filament? That has happened on a few other prints. Also, what would make the middle warp? It should be flat.
  7. I have recently taken apart my feeder, and cleaned it, fixed both of my side fans to work, and gave my printbed a light rubbing of rubbing alcohol. I also leveled the printbed. Since doing all things all of my prints have been unrecognizable malformed messes. When I started watching them, they seem to be off from the get-go, first layer is not good. Settings for this: 65 degree printbed 215 degree extruder print speed is 35 mm/s filament is a new spool of colorFABB economy I've tried doing a few temperature variations without any improvement. I haven't tried glue on the bed, but in the year that I've owned the UM2+, I've previously had great prints without that. Any suggestions of other things to try?
  8. My two side fans are not going on at all. When I issue M106 S200 command, the middle one goes on but not the two side ones. I want to remove the bottom cover, as specified in this issue... but I can't unscrew the two nuts. Very tiny. Any suggestions as to where I could get a tool loosen the nuts? It is made worse by the fact that I have very little room at the bottom
  9. Maybe... But why does it make a loud noise? I am never near it when it does it, so maybe I should stay in the room while it prints to see what is happening...
  10. Houston, we may have a problem. Since doing that, I have noticed the prints are more stringy, there have been big blobs of filament in the print, and also, every so often I hear a loud clacking sound. I assume this is related to when I took off the feeder? Did I not do something right when putting it back, or is this a new issue?
  11. WOW! That was the most hands-on I've ever been with my Ultimaker. I ended up taking it completely off. Let me tell you, there was some pretty colored pixie dust in there. Even though there were some "OMG! WHERE DID THAT SCREW GO!?" moments, overall it was a good learning experience. And most of all, it now works! Huzzah!
  12. My UM2+ has been printing things all weekend but stopped yestrerday. It will retract fine, but will not extrude. I did the atomic method, and not much came out. I was also able to manually push filament in, and it would extrude fine. I took the nozzle off, and there was some filament stuck in there. I removed it, levled and it started working again. It started printing but then stopped again. When it extrudes, you can hear the motor turning but no filament comes out. I know it is heating up becuase I took a spare piece of filament and pressed it to the outside of the nozzle. Any suggestions of things to try? Is this a bigger issue then a clogged tube?
  13. This picture shows two issues I'm having. if you look at the lower right side, the top of that area is rough. I've noticed that a lot lately, the top layer of things are not smooth at all. I've also noticed it sometimes on the outside as well, but mostly at the top layer. The other issue is that, in the center of that picture, there is this slight "ridge". And it goes halfway up the model, about an inch or so. I've never seen that before until printing this. Does anyone have any suggestions for things to try to correct this issues? I thought I read something about increasing the "z-hop". I tried to do that on a previous print and that didn't help that one. I am printing this on an Ultimaker 2+, with Faberdashery filament. I use Simplify3D to slice. The model I'm using is this large cat. (Everyone should print it out because it's super cute)
  14. I had a simple print and I noticed afterwards that there was a slight "gouge" or scrape at the top. I looked over the print in Simplify3D, and the line corresponded to a "travel move". I assume the travel move is a movement with no filament flowing? Why is it happening, and how do I stop it from happening?
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