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  1. I used 32 GB Kingston class 10 SDHC card and It worked fine. I think manual needs updating at many places.
  2. Thanks a lot geert_2 for this very good news. I will try SDHC card of higher specs. and report my finding here on Monday.
  3. Hi I need to use new SD card for my Ultimaker 2. It says in manual:"" SD-card: Secure Digital memory card that can store digital data. The card that can be used with the Ultimaker has to be an SD-card and not an SDHC card. It has to be formatted with FAT16 or FAT32 with a maximum capacity of 2GB. "" Is it true with new firmware also? Can I use 8 or 16 or 64 GB SD card? I am asking this as I am having hard time finding 2 GB SD card. They say it is no more available. Can I use micro SD card with adapter? Zeni
  4. Quite an embarrassing question :(, how to run Cura 15 on windows 8.1? After installation Cura started normally. But once I closed it and want to run it again, I cannot find any icon or shortcut to run it. I tried to run pythonw.exe but nothing happened. Which exe file I should run to start Cura?
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