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  1. Thanks Nico Thanks for your reply Nicolinux, The package was very well wrapped and there were no signs of damage from outside. The issue with these printers is that we did purchase all of them in Germany since there are no distributors in Kosovo. The shipping costs of sending back two Ultimaker 3 are outrageous and we cannot convince the distributor to send us the parts so that we can swap those ourselves ? If anyone had a similar issue, we would really appreciate your support. Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone, We have purchased recently 3 x ultimaker 3 extended versions and one of the printers out of the box did not recognize our spool nfc tag. At first we thought this problem will be fixed with a software update, however two updates after there is nothing still to fix this issue. What we have tried is that we tool other spool holders from the working printers and they do not work and tried vice versa and the one that came with the faulty printer works on the other printers. We have also 4 other ultimaker originals + and they work flawlessly. We are only having issues with Ultimaker 3's and one of the other working ones from time to time displays a communication error ER18 code. We have also 4 Prusa mk3 printers and a form labs, and previously we had purchased 3 ultimaker 2 and we have had no problems with those as well. We would really appreciate if someone could help us with the NFC hardware detection problem. Whereas for the other one displaying the ER18 error code we have tried re-seating the connecting cable on the extruder and hoping this will solve the problem. Best, Leka.
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