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  1. Hello UM Community, I recently printed a 30+ hour robot chasis and noticed that the top layers were ajar from the bottom by what seemed like a few degrees. I really scratched my head on this one until I realized the part had to have slid relative to the print-head for this to happen. Since I know this part had great bed adhesion, I knew the build plate had to have slipped. So I checked, and sure enough I can twist the glass plate in place when clamped down. Is this normal? How can it be prevented? Thanks.
  2. That makes perfect sense, thanks!
  3. Hello UM2 community, I'm trying to calibrate my UM2 with the 3DBenchy print. I'm having two issues, lots of stringers and some deformities in the smokestack. The odd thing is that the print overall has come out quite nicely. I'm using Simplify3D as the slicer and silver Ultimaker branded PLA 3mm. Any help would be appreciated. First layer temp 210 C, then all others 205 C Bed temp first layer 65 C then 60 C.
  4. Hello UM community, I'm interested in a project that will require some of the digital I/O off the UM2 mainboard. I noticed in the schematics that there are two expansion headers (EXP1 and EXP2). Two questions: 1. I couldn't find the actual connector used. Would something like this mate to it properly or is there a better / correct header I should be using? 2. I noticed in the schematics that several of the pins in EXP1 are labeled more specifically. Can these be used as general purpose I/O? Thanks a ton!
  5. They both fit in both ways. The X is the shorter of the two, as verified in these two documents. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/1012_X-linear_shaft_(x2)/B1012-A2P-A.PDF https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker2/blob/master/1011_Y-linear_shaft_(x2)/B1011-A2P-A.PDF I assume the X axis is the left/right one based on what I see in Cura and common sense?
  6. Hello UM community, I just bought a UM2 on eBay and when it arrived both rods holding the printhead had detached, I noticed that one is slightly longer than the other. Which axis does the longer rod go with? Front/back or left/right? Thanks!
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