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  1. Hi, Guglielmo - The cable in your photos shows only three wires (black, white, and red), but my cable has 4 wires (1-4 black, green, black, red). Following your photos, I should be able to match up the pins and wires. Since the connectors in your photos use only three wires, (one socket is empty) I assume that I can simply cut/disconnect the fourth wire in my cable. I'll give this a try and load the new firmware to see how it goes. Thanks for your help! Michael Hi, if you look in my old message you see two important pictures ... the firts one show the connector and the wire
  2. Hello, Guglielmo - I'm finally getting a chance to install the Tunell sensor on the UM2. I want to be sure that I get the process correct. In your description, you describe switching the wires/pins on the connector cable prior to installation. My cable does not have any white wires. It has 4 wires, but they are (1-4) black, green, black, and red. What is the correct order needed for these wires? Also, can you point me to some instructions for installing the new firmware? (I've never done this process before, so I don't even know where to begin.) Thanks for helping out a tech neophyte!
  3. Excellent! I've just received a Tunell sensor and an preparing to install it as you have done. Thanks for the response! Hi, yes, it is constantly installed on my UM2 and I have not encountered any problem. Guglielmo
  4. Hi, gpb01 - I've started using an Ultimaker 2 Extended to produce replicas of biological structures (mainly bones) for museum exhibits. Because they are very high resolution and large size prints, the build times are long, often taking several days to print. I've had a few prints fail due to filament problems, and am interested in installing a sensor that will pause the machine if the filament stops feeding. Are you continuing to have success with the Tunell sensor that you installed?
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