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  1. Hi JJB, This driver is in the "Pololu" family, and have the same feature of configuration (as we name it) as the one used in Ultimakers late family 3D printers (as far as I'll know). Actually your "hack" is just the same thing as I did with my printer, that is using "PoLolu A4988". You said it improved your print about 80%, yes that was missing step, -but then there is some sign of it still, right. When things improve like this, we might wonder; is there still some missing steps? No there is not! So what could it be then, the answer is "production tolerances". It is maybe a cheap (Chinese?)
  2. But the hack kinda fixed the problem. If I print single lines it looks like this: You can clearly see that the extruder is overextruding at a constant rate (5.5mm) aprox. Im using a direct drive extruder with a Mk7 hobbed gear. That picture was taken before the hack. EDIT: It is worth mentioning that I tried replacing the stepper motors and the drivers with no success, the stripes were still there. EDIT2: Switched back to non hacked driver and installed repetier, the stripes are back. I guess Im having a different issue here, any advice?
  3. Hi guys! I wanna add some information regarding the Zebra Stripes. I was having this problem and I didnt know what it was until I came across this thread. I did the DRV8825 hack posted HERE and I can say it's 80% gone. Heres a picture where you can see the problem to the right and the new print after the hack to the left. (I stopped the print because the result was already clear) I know it looks like the problem is gone but after inspecting the new print you can clearly see that the stripes are there, the agle changed and they are more subtle: It is important to mention that I only
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