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  1. Thanks! The only problem with my 40x40 using EBM-PAPST fancap is that on UM2 it will hit the sidepanels. But IMO they are the best for UMO/UMO+ frame. For UM2 I would use the Gudo fancap that uses thin 30mm blower fans 12v in Serial https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-centrifugal-fans-duct It uses BFB03512HHA-AF00 fans, they move less air than the EBM-PAPST but they move more than the um2 fans (that's easy to achieve since um2 fans are quite weak IMO). The main advantage also is that they are blowers, so they can focus air quite fast, but they move less air, so they are good for sma
  2. Hey guys, i am a little new to the forum so go easy on me! i am currently trying to improve cooling on my prints however the 30mm fans i have are noisy and rubbish with airflow, i use a custom built machine with a geniune UM2 board in and E3d v6 hotend. anyhow, i want to up the size of the fans to a 40mm fan, however i have no idea what to look for! can anyone possibly point me in the right direction to somewhere in/near UK that can help! thank you
  3. I'm struggling massively with compiling the firmware for a UM2 board, all i need to do is adjust the max positions on X & Y but I'm failing massively, i cannot compile as it comes up with an array of coding errors,
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