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  1. Dear Ultimakers, I am printing an object with a little hole in it because a temperature sensor will be put into it when the project is finished. Using the Solid view I can see the hole, using the layers view I can't see the hole and when printing my UM2 doesn't print a hole. does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance! Martijn
  2. I tried to use the "pause at height" plug in today because I wanted to insert a temporary support for the overhanging part. I didn't have time to watch the machine al the time so I left and when I returned I noticed that the first part was rotated 20 degrees around the Z axis and the UM2 was busy prinitin the second part in the original direction. Did it pause and automatically continue? Did it pull my object with it when pausing at x,y 0;0? Am I using the plug in wrong? Can anyone help? thanks in advance, Martijn
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