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  1. I run TPE's, TPU's and Soft PLA all with these printer settings in the MATERIAL.TXT file: [material] name=TPE temperature=245 temperature_0.40=245 temperature_0.25=245 temperature_0.60=245 temperature_0.80=245 temperature_1.00=245 bed_temperature=60 fan_speed=50 flow=100 diameter=2.85 I've used .1 thru .4 layer height In Cura, set the print speed to 20-25 max. Use 100% infill unless its a real thick part. If its a very thick part, set your Wall Thickness and Top and Bottom Thickness to 1.2. Keep your material dry! Once it absorbs moisture, you get bubbling. Its not always an issue but it can make holes on thin wall parts. I've use the NijaFlex material a lot and I can never seem to print that material without some bubbling so you'll have to accept a lousy looking surface. Create a shirt that touches the outside of your part. Otherwise you'll get lift if the part is large. Support can be a real part quality killer. I manually create my support in the model because its a pain removing it from areas of the model that really don't need it. Good Luck!
  2. I've had a ton of issues with the material getting chewed up and I finally resolved it. The standard spring in the feeder is WAY to strong. The compression on the spring starts at "HARD" and goes to "CRUSH ME". I put in a slightly longer spring, about an 1/8 inch, and a smaller wire diameter on the spring. The result has been perfect for me. I can run TPE thru ABS and everything in between and no more grinding of the material. PLA used to be the worst. I literally had dust all in the tube and on the table on the back of the machine. So head out to the hardware store and buy a value pack of springs . Look for one with a smaller wire diameter and a little more length. I'd give you exact dimensions but my printer runs 24/7 and I haven't had time to take it apart.
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