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  1. Interesting. It is certainly warm in our building as the management has continued to chip away at costs and every year the thermostat setting for the air conditioning inches up. The printer is sitting in a corner of the lab where the air circulation might be expected to be lower. So I'll definitely look into that, as well as the altenate ptfe material.
  2. Well I can say I hadn't even noticed that little fan back there before, but I see that yes it is running. Another problem with this piece is that I was getting stringing on the one side of it, and wondered if something like that could mess up the flow of the plastic. I think I managed to get rid the stringing by turning the Enable Combing off, am printing again now to see what that does.
  3. I'm getting an under-extrusion print failure at a similar place in a particular piece, while other pieces have printed normally. I understand that two primary reasons for under-extrusion are clogging in the printhead or deformation of the ptfe coupler, but the way this print job fails only after over an hour of correct printing, but always before two hours, doesn't seem to match up with either possibility. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ig5tdwh308g1lnd/20160615_120430.jpg?dl=0 Ultimaker2 Cura 15.04.5 I'm using pretty standard settings for PLA 210/70 degrees and rather slowly 40 mm/sec, 0.1 mm
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