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  1. Yes, of course, I'll do it for "standard" objects. Thanks for the information!
  2. Thanks for the information! So if I understand well: Gcode for a 2 used on a 2+ causes no problem, Gcode for a 2+ used on a 2 may cause a problem. If we have a 2 and a 2+, it can be a good idea to only create Gcode for a 2 and use it on both printers. Am I right?
  3. Hello Are Gcode created by Cura for an Ulimaker 2 or a 2+ more or less similar? I have a 2+ and a friend has a 2. I've used by mistake a Gcode for the 2 on my 2+ and it worked perfectly. If the Gcode are interchangeable it would make exchanges easier. Regards
  4. Bonjour Les Gcode générés par Cura pour une Ultimaker 2 ou pour une Ultimaker 2+ sont ils plus ou moins identiques? J'utilise une 2+ et j'ai un ami qui a une 2. Je lui ai envoyé par erreur un Gcode pour 2+ et il a pu imprimer sans problème. J'ai testé, ma 2+ accepte sans problème des Gcode de 2. Je pose donc la question. Cela m'intéresse pour éventuellement simplifier nos échanges de fichiers. Merci d'avance!
  5. When there are numerous objects on the bed it definitively doesn't work well, and the fact that Cura just keeps on slicing is just exasperating. It's really a shame because I have a lot of small objects to print, and it's practically impossible to get more than ten at a time. When I ask for more some are placed out of the bed and I just can't get then back with the mouse. And the function "reset all model positions" doesn't solve anything, it keeps on making the same mistake. I'm really disappointed.
  6. I'm really sorry to say that, but I am also very disappointed. The interface is just exasperating to use. The last time I had this kind of feeling is when I tried to use Windows 8... Oops, I apologize, insults are prohibited...
  7. When the "move" tool is activated and an object is selected, I still have sometimes problems to move it with the mouse: it just doesn't move at all, even when the slicing is over. I think it happens more often when there are numerous objects on the bed.
  8. I understand, but it is impossible to move an object with any precision as Cura keeps on slicing when I move the mouse! Is it possible to move several objects all together? I have ten times the same object. They should fit nicely in two rows of five on the bed, but the automatic function puts them in only one row with two items completely out of the bed! Why does this function no longer work as it used to?
  9. Hello, I'm new to this forum, haven't found the answer so I'm asking a question. I've just downloaded Cura 2.4 to replace a very old version. I've used the "multiply model" function but it doesn't seem to work properly: the objects are all put in a row and not on the whole bed, and it seems impossible to move them to a more appropriate location with the mouse. Can someone help? Thanks and regards
  10. My Ultimaker 2 was working fine. After seing a message in Cura I have upgraded it to the newest version, and then I have upgraded the firmware of the Ultimaker as suggested by Cura. Immediately the error message about the temperature sensor appeared on the machine and it no longer works. What should I do? Please help!
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