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  1. Hi, I am wondering what is the best choice of firmware to use with the UMO+? At the moment I'm using Cura 3.0.4 and loaded the firmware that came with this cura. There is a gcode file on the sdcard that I'm using, that for some reason doesn't work anymore. The heated bed and head don't heat up even if i'll wait an hour. This is a gcode file that was made with cura 15.04.6 It's no problem that this doesn't work. Tough it's the reason that rose the question what is the best or recomended firmware to use for the UMO+. Is it better to leave the firmware from 15.04.6 in the printer, or shou
  2. Hi!. I have a UMO + and tried Cura 2.6 beta. Normally, I use the SD card when printing, but this time I had the umo + connected to the PC. USB connection is unstable and I can not upgrade my firmware? (Or is the firmware unnecessary.) I hope this info helps? thnx.
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