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  1. Hello Gr5 thanks for reacting. My english is not so well. What do you mean with a food fit? I am afraid when I use boiling water method the section will become oval and an exact total length of the neck is not easy to define. Also I wonder why the bottom print is worse than the top print. To honest I am suprised that printing the top went so well without support.
  2. Dear Forum I have som problems with my Ultimaker Original. After fixing a blocked nozzle a blocked tube and broken filament I was finally able to print a prototype of a plastic bass clarinet neck. However it is far form perfect yet. The first problem is that the tube has to be round and it has become oval (see first photo). Also on the bottom of the print (the second photo is taken upside down) there is some stringing. I hoped that the print would be airtight. I selected 100% fill in. But it isn't airtight. Specification: Material: PLA
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