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  1. Hello, Checked again, the extruder turns freely, the filament can run through no problems... And after taking a closer look at the gear, it is definetly the problem, when I put it on the motor and make the motor turn, I can hold the gear, without applying much force at all, and the motor still spins ! It just doesn't hold anymore... So there is to much force on the reducting gear, not the extruder, so strange ! And just to be shure of what gear we are talking about, I did a little sketch, sorry for my terrible paint skills :') Thanks a lot !
  2. Hey, well effectively, wasn't the extruder motor this time... should of double checked before 😕 So the problem is the gear on the extruder motor, the little one that drive the bigger one on the extruder itself, that is becomming rounded on the inside and slips on the axis... Do you know where I could find one ? Can't seem to find some on the internet ! Thanks 🙂
  3. hey 🙂 Was wondering, my extruders motors keep dying on my UM2+ after 6 months, happened to me 3 times already in 1.5 years... I switched to the bondtech extruder, but it apparently requires more torque... so the question is, how fat of a motor can I install on it ? like, how much power can the motherboard spare for the extruder motor ? Because I'm really tired of printing at 30mm/s and still getting under extrusion with PLA because of a flipping motor 😕 Thanks ^^
  4. Hey ? The printer has 1200hours, in 3years ! I'm not a big user I guess ? The narrow end was aliitle rough, so I trimed it a little ( not very good at it ^^ ) filament could pass smoothly and still can... But it's allitle tiny bit ovale ! Should I change it ?
  5. Hello, the active leveling was off because i couldn't manage to start a print with it, error each time ! even if I leveled the build plate manually ? After searching on the forum for similar issues, most of the people trying to repair this mess breaks the printcores, if not the entire thing ! I'm contacting my local resselerfor support this afternoon ? Thanks !
  6. Hello, I never actually changed my TFM coupler, but after checking, there are no apparent damages on it, no burns or anything... Should I change it anyways ?
  7. hey, So I'm trying to print multiple objects on my UM2+ext, and it underextrudes severly see picture The one below is taulman bridge, no prob in the middle, colorfabb PLA, no prob Up, taulman bridge but printing 20 same models at the same time, Not good on any of them They all use the same settings, can't find the way to copy/past all settings from cura and I'm shure, the settings I'll give you will not be relevant ^^ I'll just say 100% infill, 70mm/s speed, 6.5mm restractation. merci beaucoup !
  8. Ok, sorry for late respons, didn't have time to do it till now ! So, i'vhe put the two printcores at 150 and 3à sec later : ER15 on printcore 1 i think the nylon actually push a little the print core and went beetween the contactes pins on the PCB and the print cores ! Men this is bad ! i sent a message to our beloved ultisupport named : HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP Hope they have a solution otherwise i'm good to order a woll new carriage wich is expensive... *soupir* Thanks ! PS : sorry for meme... just feels like t
  9. hello, i'm going to try this out right now, hope the heater cartridge still works because, the printer had an error message that said heater cartridge prob ! and only the surface of the plastic was dammage, just a little brown fuzzy skin, I think ( hope ) it's not damage, should be good normaly, affaire à suivre.... Thanks
  10. hey, I tried theheat gun on low power, burnt theplastic in 2secsat less than 200°C, so it willnot work for nylonI guess, at least without burning the whole thing :(((((( any other trick upyour sleave ? And is the ultimaker warranty still good with this; I know, I have a lot of hope :3
  11. what temperatur , I'mkindascared to melt the plastic because nylon is 255°C, one of the highest temp, or maybe they usespecial heat resistant plastic... If someone knows ?
  12. Hey ? The 5 things were the same (um3EXT, AA0.4 with pla, BB0.4 with PVA) After struggling, I manage toupdate the printer wia USB, the wifi wasn't working anymore --' So it's all good on the bug part, but because myprinter lovesproblem, the bed screws (the ones you turn to calibrate height) decided to take vacation and just pop off, resulting in bad things going on in the extruder, see in the photos, the whole thing is filled in Nylon !! ! This is when i regret the metal of the UM2, it happened to me one time, just get the heat gun, kinda messy, but cleams up ! on the UM
  13. Hello, So, I have my UM3ext since 3 months now and it worked just fine until the past 1weeks, each time I try to print, it tells me : "this printjob is not suitable for this printer" I need to press ignore about 6 or 7 times so that the message dissapears. then it will say the print is to big for the printer. After, it starts preparing for the print, sometime, it will say heating the bed, and when I look at the target temp, it' 0, so it will just stay like this forever. Some other times, it try to do the active leveling, and the printbed goes up and down for 2mins until it says ER22 or E
  14. hehe, I guess we don't have the same reference ^^ I love the difference of cultur between a 15 and a 43 :3 tried to change the flow directly on the printer and it works flawlessly ? Thanks !
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