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  1. Wow, This morning I had the same struggle! Your explanation solved the problem, Thanks! I have no clue why the machine centre zero box was selected. Henk van Ooijen
  2. sidewall-toplayer separation

    Hi all, Is this how it works with the pictures? The one with the pencil you can see a sharp line, which is open. You can push the sidewall against the top layer with a nail. I work with PLA on a "ultimaker 2 go" The product looks further fine. No "under extrusion" as far I can see on the explanation pictures Thanks for the reactions so far Henk
  3. sidewall-toplayer separation

    Thanks GR 5, uploading picture fails. will not get into the gallery of my macbook :-( I try your advices, they make sense. to be continued Henk
  4. Hi all, In my prints I see a thin separation between the sidewalls and the top layer. I even can push the gap close. I need a good connection for stiffness of the part Can anybody help me in this? Thanks in advance, HJ I tried to close a picture in but I did not manage.

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