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  1. I checked... it is 1.75mm... I called the shop and they do not know how I could have received these! (how convenient ahah) I will try to find a proper 2.85mm nozzle and I will update this topic to see if it makes a difference! Thanks guys
  2. @geert_2 - I installed the following thing: Without any improvement... (at all, not a slight change) - For the atomic, here the result: I think it means it is quite clean! I do not see any anomaly, maybe a very tiny bubble or air at the very end... but that's it (the nozzle and the PTFE couplers are new and bought in the Ideokub shop). - I took a bit of PLA, smothed the end to avoid any disturbance and I put it as you said. It goes well, hard to tell about "smooth" but I do not feel anything in particular, not a scratch or smg with which I would have to push hard. - Same thing with t
  3. I printed the spacer, checked it with a caliper, unmounted the head and I made sure it was properly spaced. You have the "proof" picture and the result.
  4. Sorry for the late answer but I am getting really upset by this problem... I tried the stuff you wrote without any success! But I thought a bit and for me we are dealing with several problems, all mixed up and probably the "it works on my other UM2+" is not helping. So I made a reset regarding my debugging process. I consider all the things I have done as not done and start anew. Maybe a fresh look could help... Oh and I am thinking ONE thing at a time. I mean, making sure that thing is OK and works well before going anywhere else. ____________________________________________________________
  5. @geert_2 - I checked the cooling fan and it is OK - I cleaned and checked the feeder-wheel and it is OK - The nozzle is new : ) - The filament I use is a well-known one Thanks anyway, I think another thinking person is not a luxury! And better saying twice than missing @neotko - everything is using the same filament RepRap emotionTech 3mm PLA white So I did your cube test. I tried with the natural PLA (same everything else) because the other roll was busy and it came perfectly out: And I thought a bit and saw that the issue where localised on the plate. So I did the cube test eve
  6. Is there any object/shape that could be better for your diagnosis? I made sure the bowden is fully 'in' (had the problem before)
  7. All the belts seem tight. And I can print small circles without any problem (you can see in the pics). But there are gaps between infill and outline... Told you I was desperate
  8. Ok thank you! I am not sure if I am willing to embark making a huge modification... I thougt the printer would be capable of doing its job (but after 1500hours of printing it is getting very tricky). Maybe I will go for the ptfe bowden on the UM2+ which works properly and see how it goes. I have just finished the test on the bigger part: problem NOT fixed unfortunately... I confirm that I only lub the printer as it is officially advised (with the exact same products).
  9. Ok there was some issue with the x/y squareness. It is corrected and I made a test, seems to work on the small part... I will launch a bigger part tonight and tell you how it went tomorrow! For the other questions, yes, it tends to be worse at the bottom right of the glassplate. How did you think of the squareness? Thanks a lot! (I will mark "best answer" when all the tests are OK, I became a bit paranoid with this machine...)
  10. Hello everyone! Introduction I have an Ultimaker 2+ extended that has been running smoothly for 1500 hours. I mostly print the same STL file and never encountered any issue. And now I am stuck on the gaps between infill and outline... I went here, here and I called the guy who sold me the printer whitout any solution... Hardware (same one since the early prints of this printer and between my UM2+'s) Ultimaker 2+, 1500hours of printing PLA RepRap emotion tech 3mm, white, new roll, good quality Non official nozzle sold by a shop (Ideokub - Le Mans - France), 0.4mm Official glassplate,
  11. The problem is still there... I stopped making those kind of parts so... Problem: All the parts with the same structure (Xmm filled, then Ymm with walls) have the same problem: X first layers are shrinked, the Y next are OK. Printer Ultimaker 2+ Cura (latest version) layers: Parameters - Regular fan speed at height 0.27mm (layer 1) Misc - repRap PLA white, new spool - 1000hours of printing - very recently cleaned and lubricated - door and top cover - not the Z-bearing -> it depends of the heigth from which the "walls" start to be printed Things tried - Still a probl
  12. The heat explanation suits me but... should be smg else... here are the layers (is it good for you?)
  13. Ok, thanks to the tutorial and your comment I have deducted I have two problems: - Elephant's foot (common and needed for adhesion, not really a problem then) - Lower wall cave in This last one is interesting. The printer is brand new, my prints are with a bed temp of 60°C BUT, I know it had fallen from 50cm when I was away... I saw nothing bad (ran test prints) but it could be the Zbearing that took a hit... I will test the cooling thing and keep you updated (and if you have any other advice, do not hesitate!) Thanks for your help btw
  14. Hello everyone! First post so I hope I won't get it wrong ^^. I made some researches but I had difficulties to find an answer to this issue... (better see it on the pics): As you can see on the previous pics, the base of all the parts is shrinked. Same problem on another part For this one, the print goes back to normal as soon as the walls are printed... For the parameters I use this in Cura: The bed is 60°C, PLA, 0.4mm for the nozzle, 210°C for the nozzle too. I built the Closed chamber ('green house') UM2 by Kris. Thanks a lot for your help =))
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