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  1. Finaly ordered new LED from UM, and change them yesterday. Big difference in light
  2. The 2 LED that are brighter, are brighter all the way from 1% to 100% The dimmer works on all light On 0% every LED light turns off Here it is at 1% brightness
  3. Hi The LED on my UM2+ (upgraded UM2 to 2+) is only giving 1/3 of the light it had. I have 2 LEDs on the right strip with full power all other LED is dimmed to 1/3 power The brightness is at 100% Any suggestions?
  4. Try to make a test cube that is abit higher than where your problem begins on your print. I also had perfect test cubes 20x20mm and 40x40, but when I printed something higher I got problems on my Prusa I3 with lead screws. I changed out the motor, cupling and rod with a fully integrated motor, and then may prints became much better. All in all I got tired of fidling with the Prusa i3 and bought an Ultimaker 2. More prints and less adjusting and tweeking. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEMA-17-Stepper-Motor-Integrated-8mm-L100-600mm-Leadscrew-Nut-for-3D-Printer-/141947097310?var=&hash=item210cb4d0de:m:mVzGRJWpZfCgAf2PmD6LgCA
  5. Looks like Z wobble Are you useing lead screws or threaded rods on the Z axis?
  6. Where do I find this Deider Klein? Have an Ultimaker 2 with defect Nozzle, and no Nozzle, no Olsson block or upgrade kit availible i Norway.
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