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  1. I think you misunderstood all the phots I've uploaded, moste of them are side walls not the top layer. I'll post them once again. these are the photos of vertical perimeter This is the top layer
  2. Unfortunately it didn't solve much there's a reduction in banding I printed 3d benchy I'll upload some photos, can you guys show me what are the problems I have
  3. I think I found the problem. Unlike other prusa models my X and Y axes are in linear guide way instead of smooth rods, and yesterday I noticed both my nozzle mount and bed moves when I shake them. Found out screws which attach bed and extruder assembly to the linear guide way were loose. Now need to test. I also changed flexible coupler and brass nut ,but I didn't have a spare threaded rod.After the change banding seems less
  4. I'm using M8 threaded rod z axis. Like all prusa models I have two rods which are coupled to the motor using flexible couplers. I replaced my two brass threaded rod nuts and bearings and done test cubes and they came out okay(there was banding issue but no layer misalignment) but after that I print the same model that I posted above but scaled down to a small size, but they came out with the same defects could this be a threaded rod problem, but how could a SS threaded rod become damaged?? Like you said I also noticed bandings From my research through forums I found these causes for bandi
  5. I'm using prusa i3 http://makemendel.com/3d-printer/prusa-i3-kit and I already have belt tighteners on both x and Y axis Also during the print my nozzle was dragging on the solid layers and support structures Could that be due to over extrusion My nozzle size is 0.4 j head layer height I used 0.2mm jerk 10 acceleration 9000 for both x and y Travel speed 130 bottom layer speed 0 infill speed 60 top/bottom speed 50 outer shell speed 5 inner shell speed 50 print speed 50 all in mm/s materilal PLA temp 200 no bed temperature
  6. Hope these helps What's a play???I'm heard of backlash
  7. @Nicolinux Tnx for the reply, I use USB and Repetier host as the host . Computer wasn't busy at any time of the print, and I didn't do anything on it during the entire print time? Can you tell me a better way to calibrate extruder I use 0.4mm J head my E_steps was 90.95 at the time of above print I followed some videos First measured 120 mm in filament extruded 100 mm I didn't get 100mm only 95-96mm recalculated Esteps to 98.02 to 100mm Printed a single perimeter object choose default extrusion width as 0.67 got 0.71 at the printed output so extrusion multiplier (0.67*1)/0.71 =0
  8. Hi, I was getting reasonably good quality prints from my 3d printer. Yesterday I printed a pretty large model with lots of support(0.2 mm layer cura slicer also tried slic3r). It was a 25 hour print and at the middle of the print I noticed some layer misalignment or shifting(not sure which is). But I didn't tried to adjust anything since I didn't want to mess it up even more. But the finished print has lots of misalignment or shifting problems especially in area of solid layers. I printed another part which only has few supports(0.1 mm layer), it turned out good, no problems, then I tried a
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