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  1. Anybody seen this effect before? first print is ok, this is the second print ant ideas?
  2. If you use carbon filament in your Ultimaker, clean the area under the print bed after each print. Bits of carbon filament can fall through to the PCB and short out the 24v power line. I had to remove C38 and C39 from th PCB as they had melted when a bit of filament had fallen onto the PCB and shorted the 24v power line to the on/off switch casing. I am now waiting for replacement caps from Farnell. Phil
  3. I have a similar issue Cura 2.4 crashes in windows 10 when trying to load a .stl file. Had to reinstall 2.3.1
  4. Hi, I have a Ultimaker 2 with PrintBite on the printbed. Worked fine at first with large prints (200mm X 60mm) but after 10 to 15 prints the print unsticks from the bed, even regular cleaning with acetone does not resolve the problem. Small prints are OK at the moment (less than 60mm X 60mm) A higher bed temp may be the cure but the Ultimaker 2 will only go to 100 deg c. Can the firmware for the Ultimaker 2 be modified to increase the bed temp ? Say to 120 deg c ? Phil
  5. Cura 2.3 beta will not run on windows 10, just displays the loading window then stops, no log created. had to go back to Cura 2.1.3. The old Cura 2.3 beta worked ok Phil
  6. Just downloaded Cura 2.3 beta, when installing it reported it was installing Cura 2.1 Installed ok but will not start, shown the Curo loading window Version 2.1.99 then stops, Cura will not start. using windows 10 x64, printer Ultimaker 2 Phil
  7. Found the problem, Print Bed was very slightly out of level re-leveled the bed now prints raft OK. I print without the fans on, otherwise the print will not stick. Thanks, Phil
  8. Picture added hope this is good enough. Phil
  9. Has any body used Carbon loaded filaments such as 3DXTECH 3DXNano ESD ABS+CNT. I find that when printing a 108 mm model with a 15 mm raft, half of the raft breaks up (the left side). Smaller models are ok (up to 50 mm) The first layer is ok it is the next layers that cause the problem. The raft looks like it has been plucked creating lumps of ABS that interfere with the print. Anybody have any ideas to stop this? Phil
  10. One more thing, you still need to clean the build plate with acetone on a regular basis, say after 10 prints or if you see the print lifting. Wipe with kitchen towel wet with acetone and then wipe with a dry kitchen towel. this should restore the printbite. Phil
  11. Quite possibly 3D FilaPrint quote prices in US dollars. Phil
  12. Yes 100 deg centigrade or 110 deg centigrade if your printer will allow it Phil
  13. To prevent print warping use PrintBite from 3DFilaprint. since using this addintion to the print plate I have not had any warped prints. No glue is needed, even for ABS. As long as the base plate is hot (100 Deg) the print will stick once cool the print releases cleanly. I am using the raft with a 5/8 mm margin for platform adhesion. Phil Sharrock.
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