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  1. Thanks for the info! Is there a good way to have mine extrude a line to the print, like the one in your picture?
  2. Im not sure why, but I am having a problem with the Cura software and my 3d printer. How do I know this is a problem with the Cura software? I noticed it was Cura and not my printer when I tried using a different 3d printing software called MatterControl from MatterHackers. The problem I am noticing on Cura is that filament starts to extrude before the hotend has touched the build plate causing it to curl and then tangle with filament that is being printed for the first layer. Any help would be great!!!
  3. I need to edit the firmware that is on my hic mendel i3 printer but I only have the hex file they gave. Is there a way to edit the hex file in the same way you can change marlin firmware settings on an arduino ide?
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