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  1. Ah, I was wondering, my TFM coupler looked in great condition after 650 hours of printing. Unfortunately, I'm in Ireland and the only reseller even remotely close is the one in the UK called 3dgbire and their heaterblock is something I'm no longer sure I should get from them. It calls it an Ultimaker 2 nozzle and heaterblock, and now I'm not sure if that's the same as the one for the um2+ Or is that part common to both printers? Sorry about all of the questions! I really appreciate the help! https://3dgbire.com/collections/spare-parts/products/ultimaker-2-nozzle-heaterblock
  2. Ah great, thanks for that! Appreciate the help. So am I correct in assuming this is the incorrect pack to get for an Ultimaker 2+? http://www.3dgbire.ie/product/ultimaker-2-hot-end-pack-out-of-stock/ I can't seem to find anywhere else that sells 2+ specific equipment. Or is that the only difference between the two?
  3. Hi all, I've been having awful results with my Ultimaker 2+ for some time now. Basically any large prints are a guaranteed fail, with either supports not being printed at all due to under extrusion, severe warping of bases, stringiness, clogging, etc. Every time I fix one thing, something else happens. It's been an incredible time suck trying to narrow down the problems. I bought Simplify3D in an attempt to get more stability, but to no avail. I've come to accept it as a printer that gives very limited successful results. It was fine initially, but it's been a long time now since I can honestly say I've managed to print something 100% successfully on it. Hugely frustrating experience. I'm prepared to tinker a bit, and have been doing just that, but this does seem to require an unreasonable amount. Anyway, this last time I took the hot end apart to clean out plastic which had clogged up inside it, and when putting it back together again noticed that I didn't have a spring above the coupler. Is this something I should have on my Ultimaker 2+? Or was this just on the Ultimaker 2? I may have lost it during disassembly, but I'm not sure. I've ordered a whole new hot end pack from 3dbgire.com, which seems to come with a spring... but it DOES say it's for an Ultimaker 2. Am I correct in assuming it's the correct pack to get for the Ultimaker 2+? I.e that they share the same spare parts? Appreciate the advice! Seán P.s I haven't been posting any of my problems up here as I've been trying to learn from experience first before bothering everyone. That might end soon!
  4. Yeah, that was exactly what was happening, thanks. Having owned this machine for just a few days, I'm not ready just yet to upgrade it, but that looks interesting!
  5. Okay, - user error strikes again. I hadn't pushed the Bowden tube down quite far enough after the atomic method. Did it now and it works again. Hopefully this helps someone else with the same problem at some stage.
  6. Update: Changing the nozzle didn't work either - it's still not extruding. I can see the feeder moving it as much as it can when I try the Move material option so I know it's feeding the material well enough... Any ideas? This is driving me crazy.
  7. Hi all, So I have an Ultimaker 2+ and I recently tried the Colorfabb Bronzefill PLA material. The print failed just before the end, and I don't know why. I decided to change back to the ultimaker material, but it wasn't extruding. I tried to use the option to Move material as per the instructions, but it wouldn't extrude. So then I tried the Atomic Method, and after about 8 attempts of heating up to 260C and cooling down to 90C, I eventually got a residue free (none of the bronzefill material) conical shaped end on my PLA. However, it's STILL not extruding. Any ideas? I'm going to swap nozzles to try that, but after taking off the 0.4mm nozzle, I can clearly see it's blocked. Is it advisable to try to unblock using a pin or something? Or is there another solution? Any advice greatly appreciated! The bronzefill material looked great, but if this is what it's gonna do to the printer each time maybe I should drop it. Cheers, Seán
  8. Hi all, and thanks for getting back to me. It actually turned out to be the version of Cura! I reverted to the old version of it (15.04.6) and haven't had a failed print since then. The new version just consistently gave me failed prints every time (2.1.2). Simply changing to the old seemed to fix it. I didn't modify anything else whatsoever, and now they're all fine. Thanks for the input though! Much appreciated. Seán
  9. Okay, so first off, hi all! I'm Seán, and my first admission is that I've only ever done SLA prints on a Form1, and this is my first foray into FDM printing. I got my Ultimaker 2+ today (yipee!), and did my first print, which came out excellently, exactly the same in fact as the sample that was shipped with the printer. Then I went to print my own objects. Having never used Cura before, I brought my STL files in (I know they're printable as I had previously uploaded them to Shapeways), and tried two options. The first was without supports, and the second with a raft. Both failed miserably. (See image) Should I be adding a raft to this type of print? Or no supports? Certainly when I added the raft it was glued very firmly to the surface (really struggled to remove it afterwards in fact), and the quality of the raft itself was beautiful (small consolation). Does anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong? The plastic at one stage was just curling up on the nozzle itself and not even being laid down, but I suspect this was down to it catching previous layers on itself as it went back and forth as there were strings everywhere. Sorry for the total noob question, I'm sure this is an easy fix, I'm just literally 5 minutes into things with my Ultimaker and failing miserably on my own here. Hopefully once I get up to speed I can be a more active member of the community here. Any help appreciated! Cheers, Seán
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